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5 Tips For Your First Interview

Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Education | 3 comments

Recently we have been interviewing some juniors who are right out of university. The following five tips were issues that we felt were common amongst all people that we brought in no matter what their background or experience was. It is not easy to get a job in Cape Town and these five tips are vital in creating a good first impression as well as trying to secure the job or at the very least a second interview.

1. Tailor Your CV

Tailor your CV towards the job or career you are applying for. Don’t have one CV that you simply send around to a bunch of companies for a wide range of jobs. It is lazy and gets picked up immediately. Some aspects won’t be relevant to some jobs while other jobs might need you to include more detail on certain aspects. Make it appropriate to the position that you are applying for.

2. Be Prepared – Read Up On The Company

Do your homework! Find out everything that you can about the company and remember it. Don’t come into an interview and forget the name of the company. If you can’t take that sort of time and effort, then your interviewers will be wondering how much pride and thought you would put into the job. Read up on the history and grab as much information as you can find – know the company.

3. Think About Your Answers

Think about the common questions that you will be asked and actually spend some time thinking about your answers. Don’t get caught in an interview where the routine questions catch you off guard and surprised. Again, this is something that shows you are prepared and take pride in what you do. Often questions will need some research into the topic and make sure you understand the field and are ready with well thought out answers that you have practiced in front of the mirror. The favourite question is why Company X? That one question can ruin your interview, but not if you do steps 2 & 3.

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The Power Of Social Media

Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Social Media | 0 comments

After the little rant I posted the other day about the importance of what you say on social media, I got sent this video about the power of it. This is an awesome video and just shows the true power that social media has had within the content of politics and how it has rallied masses of people behind one cause.

It is amazing how technology has developed and proved to be so powerful when it comes to sharing ideas and beliefs.

Quite a cool video. What did you think?

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