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Things To Do With Local Cap

Posted by on Apr 5, 2010 in Cape Town, Web | 6 comments

Here is a fantastic list of things to do when your international cap has run out and all you have left is local cap. The list is courtesy of The Local List. I have just got my uncapped account from Open Web and I am absolutely loving it! I pity those that don’t have this luxury!

So list is quite out of date, but most of it seems to be still up and running. I haven’t actually linked to the sites as that would just be crazy from an SEO point of view, but all you need to do is simply copy the link into your address bar and away you go!



Computers / IT / Tech:


Internet / ADSL / ISP


Bulletin Boards / Forums:

Maps / Travel / Motoring:

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Help Sponsor Me Please!

Posted by on Feb 24, 2010 in Cape Town, Marketing, My life, Web | 8 comments

Yes, I am completely shameless.

I need YOUR help.

I am looking to do the Quirk eMarketing Course, but unfortunately it is WAY out of my budget. It costs roughly R6700 which is more than I earn a month!

Here is where you come in! :)

I am looking for any form of sponsorship for this. Be it half, 25%, 10% what ever. Something that helps bring down the cost for me to something that I can actually afford! I know this is a HUGE ask but I really want to do this and the entries close on the 26th February which is this Friday!


I am willing to negotiate with people and do things in return such as advertising, helping with your website, what ever you can think of!

I really am relying on help from you! Not the person next to you, or across from you, but YOU!

Please email me if you want to discuss this further and make my day! Please let me know if you know of anyone that could possibly help me out even just slightly!

Email: jbigmac(at)

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Google Docs: 12 Cool Features You Didn’t Know

Posted by on Dec 27, 2009 in Google Android, Web | 0 comments

Here is an article I found on I would recommend reading it here though as the grammar and layout over there is shocking. I have edited this to make it far easier to read. Enjoy.

Slick and simple, Google Docs is the online office suite for people who don’t need bells and whistles. You can open and edit most office document, spreadsheet and presentation formats in Google Docs – and view PDFs. It autosaves your work, so it’s crash proof, and you can share documents publicly or with selected contacts.Google Docs looks underpowered, but dig deep and you’ll find smart features that other suites can’t beat. Here are 12 of the best.

1. Recover old revisions. Go to File > Revision History and the entire past of the current document will be revealed. This powerful feature allows you to select and edit any version of your document. Compare revisions side by side too – new edits are colour coded to their author.

2. Create HTML tables. You can access a document’s underlying HTML code direct by going to “Edit > Edit HTML”. There are lots of uses for this. For example: use Google Docs WYSIWYG table making tools – then go to “Edit HTML”. Paste the code into any input window that expects HTML. Instant, painless table coding.HTML VIEW: Handy for chucking together web page content, Google Docs are rendered in HTML.

3. Add CSS. Google Docs allows you to add CSS styles to any document. Try this. Make a new document, highlight it and choose “Heading 3″ from the Styles dropdown. Next, go to “Edit > Edit CSS” and enter this code: { font-size: 200%; font-family: Georgia,”Times New Roman”,Times,serif; }Click “OK” and the change should be instant. Go to “File > New > New from Template” to investigate more complex CSS examples.

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South African Celebrities On Twitter

Posted by on Dec 21, 2009 in Web | 3 comments

So Skattie recently released a list of South African celebrities that are on Twitter. The list is quite varied with rugby players, models, blog award winners etc listed. One thing they all have in common is that they are definitely the people to follow. Here is the list:

Gareth Cliff – @GarethCliff (Radio DJ, TV Show host)
DJ Fresh – @DJFreshSA (Radio DJ)
Anele – @Anele (Radio DJ)
Charlize Theron – @charlizzetheron (International Actress)
Tanit Phoenix – @tanitphoenix (Actress, Model)
Tanya van Graan – @tanyavg (Actress, Model)
Kerry McGregor – @kerrymcgregor (Model)
Lieschen Botes – @LBotes (Model)
Chris Chameleon – @chrischameleon (Actor, Singer/Songwriter)
Koos Kombuis – @KoosKombuis (Singer/Songwriter)
Barry Ronge – @RatherRonge (Entertainment Journalist)
Mark Pilgrim – @Mark_Pilgrim (Radio DJ)
Lee-Ann Liebenberg – @leeannl (Model)
Arno Carstens – @ARNOCARSTENS (Singer/Songwriter)
Bianca Trytsman – @boonks (Model)
Brandon October – @BrandonOctober (Singer/Songwriter)
Colin Moss – @Colin_Moss (Actor / TV Show Host)
Danny K – @dannykmusic (Singer/Songwriter)
Elana Afrika – @ElanaAfrika (Radio DJ)
Hip Hop Pantsula – @HipHopPantsula (Singer/Songwriter)
Jo-Ann Strauss – @jo_annstrauss (Model / TV Personality)
Karen Zoid – @karenzoid (Singer/Songwriter)
Kurt Darren – @KurtOfficial (Singer/Songwriter)
Seth Rotherham – @2oceansvibe (Media Mogul, Horse Whisperer)
Leigh-Ann Mol – @LeighAnnMol (Radio DJ)
Lisa Marie Schneider – @electricvenus (Model)
Margaret van der Westhuizen – @MagsSouthAfrica (Radio DJ / Personality)
Michael Mol – @DrMichaelMol (TV Personality)
Nicola Breytenbach – @NicBrey (Model)
Roger Goode – @DjRogerGoode (Radio DJ)
Sasha Martinengo – @F1sasha (Radio DJ / Personality)
Khanyi Mbau – @TheRealMissK (Actress / Personality)
Emanual Castis – @EmmanuelCastis (Actor / Personality)
Brigette Willers – @Brigittewillers (Model / Personality)
Bob Skinstad – @BobSkinstad (Ex Springbok Rugby Player / Personality)
Landi Swanepoel – @landiswanepoel (Model)
John Smit – @johnsmit123 (Springbok Rugby Player / Personality)
Victor Matfield – @VictorMatfield (Springbok Rugby Player)
Morné Steyn – @mornesteyn (Springbok Rugby Player)
Megan Coleman – @Meg_Coleman (Model / Personality)
Tamara Dey – @tamaradey (Singer/Songwriter)
Tracey McGregor – @tracymcgregor (Model)
Poppy – @poppyismyname (Radio DJ / Personality)
Grant Nash – @grantnash (Radio DJ / Personality)
Sureshni Rider – @Sureshnie (Radio DJ)
Jennifer Su – @jennifer_su (Personality)
Charné Jade Slee –
@CharneJade (Model)
AB De Villiers – @AB840217 (Proteas Cricket Player)
Gurthro Steenkamp – @gurthro (Springbok Rugby Player)
Francois Louw – @FloLouw (Springbok Rugby Player)
Ross Skeate – @RossSkeate (Springbok Rugby Player)
Os du Randt – @osdurandt (Ex Springbok Rugby Player)
AJ Venter – @Braaibroer (Ex Springbok Rugby Player)
Helgaard Muller – @helgardmuller (Ex Springbok Rugby Player / Provincial Coach)
Graeme Smith – @GraemeSmith49 (Proteas Cricket Player / Captain)
Christopher Mills@ChristopherM (South African Blog Award Winner)
Hanyani Shimange – @hshimmi (Ex Springbok Rugby Player)
JP Dumminy – @JPDumminy21 (Proteas cricket player)
Darren Scott – @JustPlainTwit (Radio DJ / TV Personality)
Hunter Kennedy – @Huntervancoke (Band Member of Heuwels Fantasties / Fokofpolisiekar)
Aidan Bennets – @AidanBennetts (Model / TV Personality)
Jeannie D – @jeannieous (Radio DJ / TV Personality)
Trevor Noah – @trevornoah (Actor / Comedian)
Casper de Vries – @casperrasper (Comedian / TV Personality)
Bobby van Jaarsveld – @bobbyvjaarsveld (Singer / Songwriter)
Heinz Winckler – @heinzwinckler (Singer / Songwriter / Idols South African Winner)
Paul Snodgrass – @snoddie (Comedian / TV Personality)
Dave Duarte – @DaveDuarte (South African Blog Awards 2009 Winner)
Boitumelo Molekane – @TfromtheV (Singer / Songwriter)
Heather Moore – @skinnylaminx (South African Blog Awards 2009 Winner)
Trevor Immelman – @TrevorImmelman (South African Golfer / Masters Champ)
Gary Player – @garyplayer (South African Golfer)

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Facebook Wins $711 Million From Spammer

Posted by on Nov 2, 2009 in Web | 0 comments

Facebook has won a multi-million dollar payout from spammer Sanford Wallace.

Social networking site Facebook was today awarded $711 million in damages in a suit against serial spammer Sanford Wallace.

The LA Times reports that Wallace sent millions of unsolicited emails to registered Facebook users, tricking many of them into divulging their login information or redirecting them to sites that paid him for each visit. A judge yesterday said that the spammer had acted with blatant disregard for Facebook users.

“Wallace willfully violated the statutes in question with blatant disregard for the rights of Facebook users whose accounts were compromised by his conduct,” U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel in San Jose said, according to the LA Times.

Now $711 million is a lot of money, especially when the person you’re trying to extract it from is a total crook. But it seems Facebook is fully prepared to wait for the cash.

“While we don’t expect to quickly collect the full amount, we’ll work hard to get everything we can,” Simon Axten, a privacy and public policy associate at Facebook, said in a statement.

Ouch! I like to see Facebook follow up incidents like this as no one enjoys spam!

[Via: Toms Guide]

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Who Broke Facebook?

Posted by on Sep 10, 2009 in Web | 2 comments

Sigh. This post is more than a post depicting my annoyance more than informing you to anything. Yes you might have noticed that I like to lambast things that do not quite work how I want, such as MXit and my Nokia N78.

Well the next thing that has disappointed me is one of the great ways I keep in touch with everyone. Yes, you guessed it: Facebook. The stupid hunk of social media has gone wonky once again. Firstly, they have changed the layout of the inbox. Once again, most changes they seem to make don’t benefit the social platform in many ways, but still they go along with them. I like the new look and feel in terms of the new buttons, except now everything feels a bit big and almost childish, or it’s aimed at the older generation whose telescopes, oops I mean glasses, need to magnify things more than a microscope to look at a single atom. Everything just seems a bit squashed and not as tidy as before.

Look what you made me do! You made me divert off the lovely subject. How could you do that to someone who simply wants to provide you with only top class entertainment and such a deep love for writing absolute nonsense? Well, luckily I am back on track. So the main reason I am complaining about Facebook now is that my news feed is becoming decimated with horrid unwelcome little updates of four days ago. I don’t want to read what people did four days ago!? That kind of defeats the point of real-time updates does it not? It gets better. In the mix are there statuses from yesterday, 2 and 3 days ago, as well as some from about a week ago. This really doesn’t help me, and hogs all the space for the relevant news to come through.

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