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Neotel Trials 2Mbps Uncapped WiMax

Posted by on Sep 13, 2009 in Technology | 0 comments

Neotel is starting to trial its uncapped, 2 Mbps WiMax service

Neotel recently confirmed that it is planning to roll out WiMax services aimed at the business and high-end consumer market.  Information has now surfaced that the first commercial service is likely to be an uncapped, 2 Mbps offering targeting small and medium sized businesses.

According to Rajeev Sinha, head of product management at Neotel, Neotel currently have more than 70 WiMax base stations in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban, and they are actively extending this network.  “Neotel will soon be reaching the 150 base stations mark,” said Sinha.

Sinha confirmed that Neotel’s initial offering will be a ‘near symmetrical 2 Mbps service’ aimed at large and medium enterprises (LME).  Neotel has not yet finalized pricing for this service, but according to Sinha it will provide a cost saving to businesses.

“Neotel is still looking at the pricing for this segment, however Neotel is confident to have an attractive price for the LME segment which will lower their costs,” said Sinha.  Speculation however suggests that the service will compete directly against uncapped ADSL solutions from providers like Internet Solutions, and that a sub-R 3000 monthly price tag is expected.

The company is further likely to develop and launch high-end consumer services – which may feature higher downlink speeds – after the launch of its business offering.  Sinha did not want to give too much away, simply saying that ‘Neotel is busy investigating and developing new services and that any developments will be communicated with the media’.

[Via: My Broadband]

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iBurst Gives Away 40TB in October

Posted by on Sep 11, 2009 in Technology | 0 comments

iBurst is giving all of its customers free data allowance in October, and doubles the allowance for email billing subscribers

iBurst recently rolled out its Business and Operations Support Systems, named iBoss, a system which the company hopes will enhance its customer relationship management, product ordering, billing processes and financial management functions.

iBurst encountered a number of glitches as the new system went live in August which impacted on the quality of service experienced by the company’s subscribers.

Says Jannie van Zyl, CEO at iBurst: “We have certainly had a rough few weeks with the launch of our new iBoss system. We’d like to thank customers that were affected by the glitches for helping to us work out all the kinks in the system and for sticking with us during the rollout.”

iBurst has decided to give all its subscribers an extra 250MB of bandwidth for the month of October to ‘thank them for their loyalty throughout this time’.  This is in addition to data usage which was typically written off when billing glitches hit.

iBurst is also giving away an extra 250MB of data to customers that register to receive their bills electronically during October.  According to iBurst around 80% of all subscribers opt to receive their billing electronically.

This promotion means that iBurst will give away around 40 Terabytes of data in October.

[Via Mybroadband]

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Who Broke Facebook?

Posted by on Sep 10, 2009 in Web | 2 comments

Sigh. This post is more than a post depicting my annoyance more than informing you to anything. Yes you might have noticed that I like to lambast things that do not quite work how I want, such as MXit and my Nokia N78.

Well the next thing that has disappointed me is one of the great ways I keep in touch with everyone. Yes, you guessed it: Facebook. The stupid hunk of social media has gone wonky once again. Firstly, they have changed the layout of the inbox. Once again, most changes they seem to make don’t benefit the social platform in many ways, but still they go along with them. I like the new look and feel in terms of the new buttons, except now everything feels a bit big and almost childish, or it’s aimed at the older generation whose telescopes, oops I mean glasses, need to magnify things more than a microscope to look at a single atom. Everything just seems a bit squashed and not as tidy as before.

Look what you made me do! You made me divert off the lovely subject. How could you do that to someone who simply wants to provide you with only top class entertainment and such a deep love for writing absolute nonsense? Well, luckily I am back on track. So the main reason I am complaining about Facebook now is that my news feed is becoming decimated with horrid unwelcome little updates of four days ago. I don’t want to read what people did four days ago!? That kind of defeats the point of real-time updates does it not? It gets better. In the mix are there statuses from yesterday, 2 and 3 days ago, as well as some from about a week ago. This really doesn’t help me, and hogs all the space for the relevant news to come through.

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MWEB More Bandwidth for Your Buck

Posted by on Sep 2, 2009 in Web | 0 comments

MWEB today announced that it is offering subscribers ‘more bandwidth per buck’

MWEB today announced that it will increase the amount of bandwidth of its current ADSL bundles.  “From September 2009, MWEB ADSL customers will get more data to use each month for the same price,” MWEB said.

Carolyn Holgate, GM of MWEB Connect, said that while South Africans waited for the positive effect of additional international bandwidth to be felt, MWEB was already taking real action to make broadband more affordable by increasing the amount of data that subscribers could use in a month.

“Consumers and businesses will feel the benefit of the increased data caps, as the changes are to be felt across the MWEB ADSL product offering,” she said.

“Under the new pricing structure, MWEB ADSL members with a 1GB data cap, (where their ADSL line is obtained directly from Telkom), will now get 2GB for the unchanged price of R145 per month. Members with a 2GB cap will now get 3GB for R219, and 3GB customers will get 5GB for R299. Customers with 6, 9 and 12GB caps will now enjoy 7.5GB, 10.5GB and 13.5GB caps respectively.”

“MWEB’s All-Inclusive ADSL subscribers, who get their ADSL line and subscription in one account from MWEB, will also benefit. Customers with 2GB caps will now get 3GB for the same price, while 3, 6, 9 and 12GB customers will now receive 5GB, 7.5, 10.5 and 13.5GB of data each month respectively.

MWEB will increase the amount of data provided per booster, but keep the price the same. R99 will now buy a 1.5GB (previously 1GB) booster and R250 a 3.5GB (previously 3GB) booster. Both booster options will still include data carry-over.”

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Who wants 10GB free internet!?

Posted by on Aug 30, 2009 in Web | 0 comments

Well it seems Webafrica are making a serious move in the ISP market. It seems that they are tired of not being viewed as the clear cut leader and have set out to try and clear up that bit of confusion. They have decided to drop IS and SAIX and are now moving over to Seacom. I think this is awesome news, but wait, it actually gets better. Not only will their prices drop and they claim their speed will be better, but they are also running an awesome competition.

They are going to be trialing the Seacom line, and they need some feedback on the service. What better why to tempt people into being part of the trial than to give them 10GB free cap!? Why are you still reading this!? Go sign up here!

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MXit 5.9 Fail

Posted by on Aug 20, 2009 in Technology | 2 comments


Is the point of a new version of a piece of software not meant to improve on the previous release? Or am I mistaken and on another planet completely with bubble wrap engulfing my head therefore not allowing my brain to breath?

Well I know you are all in agreement with me as I am currently out of bubble wrap which means that I am not being completely retarded and the point is to improve on the last version. Well in my opinion this is where I have a problem with MXit. Yes 5.9 introduces some nice new features, but as a whole I am not impressed. In fact I am so not impressed that I am actually still on 5.8. You probably think I am crazy. All new versions are meant to be better are they not? Well MXit 5.9 is not.

5.8 is far more stable and did not disconnect me as often as 5.9 does. I also had trouble actually downloading 5.9, but that could be due to the fact that a lot of people where probably attempting to download it at its time of release. The problems don’t end there. I had profile pictures disabled and it was still eating far more airtime than its previous sibling. I also had great problems when trying to log-in the first time with the new version. It would not allow me to put in my mobile number as if there was not even a text field created for it. When I finally managed to log-in, I did not like some of the new features implemented. I don’t really like the fact that every person now has a status. It takes much longer to scroll now and is much harder to view people’s names.

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