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Thank You Sir Alex – A True Legend

Posted by on May 13, 2013 in Sport | 0 comments


Being a Manchester United fan for the past 15 years has meant always watching one man managing the team. He has been an ever-present and consistently brought success and further hunger to our great club.

Yesterday marked his final home game at Old Trafford, and I think watching the scenes struck a special chord with me after visiting there in August to watch the first home game of the season. Now that I think about it, I watched the start of the end.

Here are his last words in front of those that adore him so much.

I shed a tear watching that yesterday. Emotional stuff.

This sums things up perfectly:

Sir Alex Ferguson. 26 years. 1,499 games. 872 wins. 330 draws. 260 defeats. 38 trophies. 1 piece of chewing gum. *tears*

Thank You Sir Alex.

In David Moyes we trust.

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Carlin Isles Speedster. Olympic Dream

Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Sport | 0 comments

This guy has an Olympic dream. He wants to compete so badly and got fairly close actually. He is within the top 40 somewhere 100m sprinters within the United States. 12 weeks ago he took to playing 7′s rugby and very quickly made it into the USA National 7′s side. This past weekend in PE, the world got to see some magic. Take a watch at the highlights reel.

He might be able to achieve his Olympic dream as 7′s rugby is due to take part in the next Olympics. The man is a speed machine!

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Celebrating Ricky Ponting

Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Sport | 0 comments

I might be South African, hate the Australian accent, and managed to convince my parents not to move there when I was in primary school, but I have to put my dislike for the country aside for one man. Ricky Ponting.

The man has been a stalwart for Australian cricket and a true ambassador for the game over a 17 year career. He is their top run scorer and has played in over 160 tests. He has lead their side to a number of World Cup wins and was the worlds #1 Test ranked side for ages.

Here is to Ricky Ponting.

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Chad Le Clos Funnies

Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in Cape Town, Sport | 0 comments

Swimming has never really been my thing or a sport I took much interest in, but when they start to bring in the medals I sit up and take notice. Both Chad and Cameron have made us extremely proud by winning gold medals. Well done lads!

There have been a number of mess ups/funnies since then though and here are some of the best!

Just watch his sister on the right and try and lip read that one. Ooh naughty, naughty!

No wonder he floats so well!

And my personal favourite.

Beautiful! Bring it home again tonight boy! 100m Breastroke final tonight around 8:30pm I think. GOLD BABY!


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