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Google Rolls Out New Jumbo Site Links

Posted by on Aug 17, 2011 in seo, Web | 0 comments

So Google has officially started rolling out the new jumbo site links for all users. They now take up almost all of the space above the fold. What do you guys think? Will it make life harder from an SEO point of you? Are you seeing anything strange with the new site links?


This could bring in far more branded search results, but at the same time, it could also stem your SEO efforts.

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Basic SEO A Rarity

Posted by on Jun 9, 2010 in Marketing, seo | 7 comments

Chris M made a bold statement the other day. He rated that 1 in 500 sites have proper, basic SEO principles instated. Initially, I thought it was a bold statement, but once engaged in discussion, combined with a bit of research, I would have to say that the figures can’t be far from his estimate.

Basic SEO principles might seem a bit of a broad term, but I will hopefully be able to describe things as I go along.

Initially when I saw Chris’ tweet providing those numbers I thought he was crazy. I knew that many sites do not have some, or a lot, of the fundementals SEO foundations in place, but I thought 1 in 500 was an absurd number. With being so interested to learn and grow from the industry experts around me, I asked him what he based this on.

He gave me a recent example that he had come across of the Century City website. First of all, the basic SEO principles on that site are shocking. For a site of that size that surely must drive a fair amount of traffic, it had virtually no SEO principles implemented. The analytics code was in the header which could lead to inaccurate statistics and just leads to a mess. Then their meta data is terrible. Actually I can’t say that as there is virtually no meta data. They have the following title: <title>CENTURY CITY</title>.

Are you telling me that they could not think of a single keyword to link to century city? Nothing at all? Or was this a home made site? I wanted to find out so I did a bit of digging.

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