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Mozcation 2013 Cape Town

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in seo | 4 comments

Last week Thursday Cape Town SEO geeks were treated to quite the evening. It was Mozcation, an event the industry leading SEOMoz guys throw and boy did they throw it well!

It was a seriously well organized event and there were only two issues I had with the entire thing:

1. I didn’t get a cool ready made name tag and I had to write my own one :(

2. The panel was too short in my opinion.

Yes seriously those were the only two issues I had with the whole thing. It was a very well organized and well run event. They seriously covered it all.

Arriving to the Awesomesauce

On arrival we headed over to the registration desk. They couldn’t find my ready made name tag so I just drew my name on one and off I went. We were each given a wicked Mozcation T-shirt, a cool snappy wrist thing as well as two free drink tickets – winning! We also got a little goody bag filled with stickers, a MozBot key-ring as well as a wicked SEOMoz water bottle.



We mingled around for almost an hour and got to take some photo’s with the man himself. What a genuinely nice guy. He was very humbled and actually interested in you. He took the time to find out my name, what I did and how I was enjoying the event. Top marks there! In fact, all the SEOMoz staff were fantastic. I managed to chat to Jen Lopez their community manager for a couple minutes and she was just the same – warm, inviting and just eager to share as were all the other Mozzers as well.


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Blekko SEO Tools Get Major Update

Posted by on Jul 4, 2012 in seo | 0 comments

blekko-man-logoI just received an email from Blekko telling me about a major upgrade they have performed. Now you might think that they are a small search engine without much traction, but you will be surprised as to just how valuable they are for a SEO.

They provide a range of sexy SEO tools that make life that much easier for you. Below are the top five changes that they have made:

  • Continuous updating of our crawl and index
  • Hourly updates for top ranked sites
  • Continuous updating of SEO data, including page content, metadata, and duplicate text
  • Continuous updating of inbound link counts
  • Over 4 billion page index, and over 100 million pages updated daily

The continuous updating of the index is massive as that is one thing that SEOMoz struggles with and this will help provide more real time and accurate data. 4 billion pages, now that isn’t shabby.

They also ask you till fill in a very short survey just to help get a better gauge on those who use their SEO Tools.

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Search Engine Spider Ping Tool

Posted by on Jan 24, 2012 in seo | 3 comments

Last night I got thinking about some search engine possibilities and creative ways that I can tackle a couple problems I am having. All of my ideas basically boiled down to having some more research data and I wanted to try a couple experiments myself.

In the end I got an idea that I decided could actually help me quite a bit in terms of investigating things. I am not so sure if it will be an actionable tool, but hey, maybe you guys can expand on the idea and make it awesome.

I want a web based app that simply pings me every time a search engine spider visits my site. I don’t want a notification for each page, but a simple notification of when the spider arrives, how long it was there for, how many pages it crawled, and when it left. I am sure this can be done with a bit of PHP and looking at the server logs, but I don’t have the skills to build this myself.

What got me thinking about some other possibilities was a little tool that I stumbled upon yesterday. It is called Serperture and seems to be an “SEO reporting and analysis tool“. There is pretty much only a landing page up at the moment, but it looks like it could be a really useful tool for SEO’s like me out there. The more tools and scripts I have at my disposal the better.

What do you guys think about that little script? Any other ways that you could use it or expand on it?

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