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SA Blog Awards – Vote for ME dammit!

Posted by on Nov 8, 2011 in SA Blog Awards | 0 comments

So the last few years the blog awards have been an absolute shambles. (Yes I want you to pronounce that absolute like JZ does. Absolutely!) I got really into it a couple of years ago when my site was first launched and I was such a keen little bean it wasn’t even funny. I spammed (I would never spam you darlings) a massive campaign and went balls to the walls praying that my tiny readership pulled through. Anyway, a blog that hadn’t had a new post in over a year got through to the top 10 so I got over it.

The last couple years there has been more poop flung towards the awards than a big monkey brawl in the middle of the jungle with an unlimited supply of poop, loads of Red Bull and a sign declaring the monkey poop flinging Olympics open. It seems this year is no different and the poop, she is being flung in all directions!

I hadn’t really giving a flying wombat about what happens this year, but I thought that I would at least add the big (flipping ugly!?) banner onto my sidebar so that if people voted for me and I got through to the top 10, or how ever the hell things are working this year (seriously, wtf decides on how this shit works? A handitard who has tied their hands together with their own shoelaces??) that there were actually people who had voted for me and thought that my crappy writing was worth it.

Now, I am changing tact! Ha! Bet you never saw that one coming did you biatches!? Exactly. Now, I am changing the game, but I don’t want yáll to hate either the game or the player. In this case, especially the player coz that is me yo. Peace.

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How to nominate someone in the SA Blog Awards 2010

Posted by on Aug 24, 2010 in SA Blog Awards | 0 comments

I am sure that you have all heard the hype around the SA Blog Awards 2010, and that you have seen the local blogosphere go crazy lately as people try to win your vote/nomination. Wait, hold on a second. They have been trying to win your vote, but you actually have no idea how to do so? Today that all changes. Below I will show you how to nominate someone in three easy steps.

The process really is simple, and can be done by following the steps below:

1. Click HERE to go to the nominations page

2. Enter your email address and the Security Code on the right.

3. Check your email and click on the confirmation link.

That sounds nice and simple, but let me make it even easier for you! I will break things down step by step for you so that you have to do even less work and won’t stress your intelligent brains at all.

1. Click HERE to go to the nominations page and automatically vote for me in the Best New Blog category:

Now, I have tried to make things as easy as possible for you lovely readers out there and all you need to do is click HERE, or on the banner on the right, to automatically vote for Captain Awesome in the Best New Blog category. It couldn’t be any simpler.

*Alternatively you could click HERE to just be taken to the nominations page where you can vote for anyone you like.*

Please note that this will open a new tab.

2. Enter your email address and the security code on the right.

SA Blog Awards How to vote Step 1

This is where things start to get slightly trickier, but don’t worry, they are still pretty easy.

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SA Blog Awards 2010

Posted by on Aug 23, 2010 in SA Blog Awards | 0 comments

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has arrived. The moment is upon us where the whole of the local blogosphere turns franetic in the hope of getting their act together.

I present to you, the South African Blog Awards 2010.

This is a prestigous event in the South African geek calender. A time when all of us turn into crazy, mad, raving lunatics in the off chance that we can scrammble together enough votes to get nominated for an award that all South African bloggers are after. This year is no different than those before with all bloggers stratergizing their campaigns, how their stratergies were going to outperform the rest and how they could come out trumphs this year.

I eagerly watched the blog awards last year and I knew from that moment on that I was going to enter this time around and see what my baby could do after only being just one year old. Now is not the time though to delve into such matters and shamelessly get onto my knees to beg for your vote. That will come later.

For now, I merely wanted to introduce the awards to you and let you know that it is hunting season again for those valued votes. Your twitter stream will get clogged up with the SA Blog Awards, and I am sure your Facebook and email will be jammed with messages from friends asking for your vote.

I merely warn you, that with just over a week to go, things are going to get messy. Now is the time when bloggers will stop at nothing to shamelessly steal your vote from you emploring any tactic they can to obtain it. They will be prepared to pry it from your cold lifeless keyboard that they relentlessly cut the cord on.

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