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New Years Party 2010/2011

Posted by on Jan 13, 2011 in Cape Town, My life | 1 comment

So what did you guys all do heading into the new year? Peaceful time with family and friends or did it get a bit out of control?

Here is what I got up to…

Let me know what you guys got up to!

Here’s to an awesome year!

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For Sale: Fable 3 & FIFA 11 Xbox

Posted by on Jan 11, 2011 in Cape Town, Gaming, My life | 0 comments

So for Xmas I acquired FIFA 11 and Fable 3 for the Xbox. The problem is that I don’t want either of these games and have therefore decided to sell them both on. They are both brand new and still in the plastic and therefore have never been opened or used.

I am asking for R400 for Fable 3, and R300 for FIFA 11.

Fable 3 is currently going for R600 new and FIFA 11 goes for R450, so I feel both of these are good prices!

Feel free to leave a comment if you are interested or you can fill out the contact form on the Contact page.

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Well Done Chaos Computers!

Posted by on Dec 23, 2010 in Marketing, My life | 1 comment

So I like to moan, rant and especially rave about companies or brands that have failed me or just messed me around. With it being the festive season I thought I would stop being such a grumpy Captain Awesome and highly the AWESOMENESS that has been Chaos Computers recently!

Over the last couple of weeks they have been running a special where every day they have a different item on special. At the end of the special period (Today), they select a winner and one lucky person gets to take home a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab! Hmmm sexy….

chaos computers special

I am quite kitted out when it comes to hardware and toys, but one special grabbed my attention. R50 for a pair of headphones with a mic!? HAIBO I said to myself! This can’t be true! They must want me to come in store so that they can kidnap me! Then I saw that I could order online so I felt safer!

So anyways, I called a couple of my mates and told a few guys at work, and next thing I knew I was placing an order for 15 headsets! This was actually the second special for the day after their Xbox Arcade for R999 special flew out of stock within two hours! So two specials on one day and for only R50? I was lank impressed!

So I called ahead and made sure that they had stock of such a large order after it being at such a low price and they did. They kept my 15 aside for me and when I walked in, they were ready and waiting behind the counter! BAM!

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Thank You Quirk and GetSmarter

Posted by on Aug 12, 2010 in My life | 3 comments

Better late than never.

This is simply a post were I can extend a gigantic thank you to two companies for something which I am really grateful for.

Way back in March this year, Quirk and GetSmarter came to my rescue when they agreed to help me out tremendously and sponsor the Quirk eMarketing course through GetSmarter.

Thank you Quirk & Get Smarter

I am now done with the course and I would just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to both parties for helping to make this happen for me. I really, really enjoyed the course, and have already felt how it has impacted me in a big way. I would not be able to do my new job at ROI Media if I had not been sponsored that course, and you have no idea how appreciative I am of that fact.

It was only through the generousity of Quirk and Get Smarter that I was able to do the eMarketing course and I am really grateful of how they made this possible for me. Without them I would not have been able to do the course at all, and they managed to sweep in right in the nick of time and help me out with complete sponsorship. The thing that amazes me even further, is that in my previous post, I offered to help people out and exchange my services in return for sponsorship, but neither Quirk nor Get Smarter demanded anything in return. They did not even set a minimum standard or mark that they wanted me to achieve. They simply provided the course to me free of charge and let me embrace it how I pleased.

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Day 2 at ROI Media

Posted by on Aug 3, 2010 in Cape Town, My life | 0 comments

So I decided that I would give you a quick run down of what happened during my second day at ROI Media.

The traffic was horrible this morning, but I *just* managed to make it in on time and got going straight away. I didn’t even have time to check any emails or my iGoogle and I was called into a meeting with the Sales team.┬áThe meeting was just an introduction into what the sales team does and how they do it. It was very short and sweat, but still really valuable.

There was not too much excitement throughtout the rest of the morning as I had a few things that I needed to tackle myself in an attempt to learn and grow my knowledge. I got things done, did a bit of research and just generally got on with things.

The big surprise of the day actually popped up during lunch time. A Counter-Strike server popped up, and the next thing I knew, most of the office, including the Big Boys, were playing! I actually couldn’t believe it! CS has to be my favourite games of all time, and the fact that a game popped up without me being instrumental was awesome! Also the fact that the bosses were jamming along was even cooler, and you could hear the laughter and screams of anguish coming from their offices throughout the game!

Unfortunately for me, I was a bit more disciplined than I had expected and finished a few personal things that I had planned to do during my lunch break, and I actually got them done, so I was feeling pretty chuffed, but also a bit bummed out as I had missed the game! Don’t worry boys, I will be in the action tomorrow, and you all better be prepared!

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New Junior Online Marketer at ROI Media

Posted by on Aug 2, 2010 in Cape Town, My life | 0 comments

New Junior Online Marketer at ROI Media

I understand that I have not blogged in ages while my hosting and website issues were sorted out, and you might be wondered what this post is about after reading the title.

Allow me to fill you in.

As you are well aware, that while my blog might have been down, life keeps on going. While I was not posting, I had decided that I needed a change from Tamar. I loved every minute there, but I wanted to expand my horizon and see if I could start climbing the proverbial ladder of the working world.

Interview at ROI

Well doing my standard reading on the industry and trying to learn as much as possible in my free time. I came across the ROI Media website. I had come across it a number of times and read all of the blog posts, but once again I found myself searching through it once more.

I found the free website health check contact form and thought I would give it a go. There was nothing I could lose from it right? Nothing to lose definitely, but it appeared everything to gain!

They got back to me asking what I would like to be checked out, and I didn’t understand their response. I thought that I had read the website wrong, so went back trying to find the page again, and stumbled across the jobs page while doing so. I emailed Sebastian back providing him with the info he needed, and I also dropped in a slightly sneaky question, and politely asked him who would be the best person to send my CV to at ROI Media.

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