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Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Posted by on Oct 8, 2012 in My life | 0 comments

One story that has stuck with me since Chris told me about a year ago is the story of an artist.

It went along the lines of a lady sought an artist to create a sculpture that she wanted. The artist agreed and told the lady it would cost her R100 000. The lady knew that he was the best and that he would be worth it. When the sculpture was done, the lady was amazed at the quality of the piece and how spectacular it looked. She said, “but this must have taken you days!”. The man looked back at her and told her that it actually only took him two hours. The women was furious and couldn’t understand how he could charge so much for only two hours of work. The man simply replied, “It only took me two hours to make this individual piece, but over 10 000 to learn my trade and acquire the skills I have today”.

Today I realized that this story is true for me as well. Not quite to that extreme, but I have been playing online for a number of years. In fact, I started messing around with websites when I was around 12 or so. I started this very blog when I was 17, and with it being 3.5 years old, it has started to bring in some decent traffic.

I realized today that I make around R1000 pm online from my little side projects like my blog and my infographic submission site amongst other projects. None really take up much time, but it through the course of a number of years of practice and learning that I have got to this point. Don’t think that anyone gets anything quickly or easily. Hard work normally lies at the foot of success.

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I’m Back Baby!

Posted by on Oct 7, 2012 in My life | 0 comments

I don’t want to get too ahead of myself but holy crap am I excited.

You see, 5 months ago I messed up my ankle. I didn’t blog about it because it was only meant to keep me out for a couple of weeks. Things got complicated and as life rolled on my ankle didn’t make the progress it should have. The disappointment kept on growing, and I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t cut my hair until I could play hockey again.

I am proud to say that I completed around 55/70 minutes in a friendly match on Saturday and while my ankle has been stiff and a bit sore, I safely think that I can slowly get back into the game and I am FLIPPING STOKED!

I have been doing some gentle straight line jogging for the last two weeks doing 2-3km’s almost daily and that has helped immensely, but getting back into playing is the real challenge.

I was also quite pleased with my level of determination to stick with working hard on my exercises and running consistently, but more importantly with the discipline I had with keeping my hair. It helped keep me focused and fixed on my goal of getting back.

Now I just need to decide what I am going to do with my hair…

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Who Wants To See The #SteriChallenge?

Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in My life | 1 comment


I don’t know how I got myself in this position, but somehow I did and after getting over the initial shock I am actually looking quite forward to it. That is if it goes ahead…

That is where you, the good people of Steri Nation come in. You see we need to add a bit of peer pressure if you like onto Steri Stumpie. First of all let me explain what the #SteriChallenge is.

steri-stumpie-1-litreGeoffrey and myself got a bit more arrogant than we should have and our keyboards took control and next thing I knew, it was a battle of who could down the most Steri-Stumpie. 1 litre to be exact. 1 Litre of milk – holy cow.

Anyway, after I had thrown myself into that corner and Geoff had stupidly followed me into it, Mr Big Mouth Mills pipped up to Steri Stumpie and got them involved in our moment of stupidity. Now there really was no turning back. We had committed and had to do this. This was right before I went away for 3 weeks so things cooled off, but now that I am back in action, I want to gauge if filming my humiliation would be for sufficient cause.

So, please tweet, share, comment, spam, what ever it is that you weird people who enjoy others humiliation do, just get the word out there and let’s get Steri Stumpie to back this challenge

and throw in some goodies for Geoff and myself, but more importantly, to also back a charity of some kind.

Who wants to see me try down 1 litre of milk, cotch, and make a charity very happy at the same time? Come on you know you wanna! Spam them @Steri_Stumpie and their Facebook page.

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My 21st Speech By Paddy

Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in My life | 2 comments

When I had my 21st birthday party I asked Paddy, Anje, my sister and my dad to speak.

My father went first and decided to do things very differently. Instead of trying to give me advice, he merely repeated a couple life lessons that he has hammered into me. I think this was done to see if I had understood those lessons and to see how I reacted and if I could repeat the lessons. Done.

Anje & my sister both gave awesome heart felt speeches that really touched me, but then the following peach came from Paddy. I have been looking for this piece of paper for months and finally found it today – 5 months later.

Here it is:

“Some of you already know this but I’ve known James for about 19 years. In the more recent of these our friendship has been James dragging me kicking and screaming out of trouble and in general just looking out for me.

While I am truly¬†grateful¬†for you doing this, I also can’t help but blame you for having to do it. You see, while today he plays the role of gentleman and I the hooligan, when we were young the roles were very much reversed. I just have a bit of a story about that to tell you.

When we were young I was at James’ house and he had a guava tree in his back garden. One day when they were quite ripe we decided it would be an awesome idea and collect all of them. We then decided to go up onto the balcony and through them onto the neighbours roof rapidly making a massive mess. After we had received our respective hidings and had gone outside we sat on the step in silence for a bit. The first words that came out of James’ mouth were, “That wasn’t so bad. What do we throw next?”

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Introducing The New Look Captain Awesome

Posted by on Jul 1, 2012 in My life | 0 comments

I have put this off for months and months, but about two weeks ago, I finally decided that I needed to stop playing with the idea and actually get around to doing this. You might have noticed that I had a different theme in for a couple of weeks, but I eventually decided that it was not what I was after.

What was I looking for? I was after a very simple, clean and elegant theme that was light and easy to read and focused on making the content be read. I spent the weekend toying with this lovely theme from Elegant Themes and while I don’t think my work is 100% finished, I do think I have something that I am happy to work with.

My blog has really been neglected this year in terms of some decent quality content and my thoughts really being put down for all to read, and that is what I am going to try be doing. I now think I have a decent looking playground to mess with again and hopefully this will breed some new ideas, some new SEO tricks and a whole bunch of success.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

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Quotes that Motivate You

Posted by on May 2, 2012 in My life | 7 comments

I did a bit of an interesting experiment with a couple of my close mates a while ago. I asked them for some quotes that were close to them and provided them with motivation and that little bit extra when they need it in life. The results were really, really interesting so I wanted to extend this further and get some more opinions.

Feel free to leave your quotes below in the comments or to get hold of me privately if you don’t want them shared.

It doesn’t have to be a quote. It could be a song, a quote, a person, an image, a situation etc.

I am interested in seeing all the different ways that people motivate themselves to get something done or achieve something that they want. What provides YOU with inspiration?

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Steve Jobs

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