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My Goal For February – No Booze

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in My life | 0 comments

So you might have noticed that I am trying one month challenges throughout this year as part of my 2013 New Years resolutions. The reason for this is due to the fact that I think it will be much easier to break things down into smaller chunks, as well as these goals are not major goals for the year.

My goal for January was to meet 5 differents friends for coffee or drinks and just catch up. I am going to make that goal on Saturday which I know is in Feb but its close enough so I think I win on that one?

My goal for Feb is going to be tough but something that I think needs to be done. I am not going to drink for the entire month. No booze. Clean and sober. I am into my fourth week of being uber healthy and training hard, but I am finding that during the week I am good and very disciplined, but come the weekend and the wheels come off completely and the beer doesn’t stop flowing.

So Feb equals no booze month. It is not going to be easy as there are very few things finer than an ice cold beer after a long, hot day at work, but hey, I want to lose this belly. You might also notice that this is conveniently placed in the shortest month of the year ;)

What do you guys think? Possible?

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My 2013 Goals

Posted by on Jan 5, 2013 in My life | 0 comments

Here is the post that will either leave me wanting to high five or either go and hide under a rock come the end of 2013 – My 2013 Goals.

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  • Weight: 80kgs. I am not looking for a six pack, but I am just looking to get my body into really good shape so that hopefully I can leave these injuries behind and get back to playing sport and being able to run. Hard work in the gym is what is needed and some tough choices when it comes to my diet, but it has to be done.
  • Studies: Nothing drastic like I failed to do. I just want to pass all subjects that I study and make sure that I give them a proper go which means actually doing the assignments and studying for the exams. The only person that will benefit is me and it will also help my wallet.
  • 1 Month Challenge: Every month I will be setting a challenge for the month. These will be fairly small but will hopefully lead to me having a very successful 2013. I would love to get some suggestions from you guys.
  • Improve my skill-set: I want to code consistently this year in HTML, CSS and PHP. I am not saying that I need to become a guru or expert, but I just would like some consistent effort which will benefit me greatly at work. I also want to become Google Analytics Qualified by April.
  • Be More Independent: Something that isn’t exactly measurable, but something that I feel is vital. Just doing more things for myself, by myself.
  • Make R30k from side projects: This is definitely not going to be easy at all, but what is a list of goals without a few crazy ones. These will simply be ideas that I have had a for a while that I simply need to explore further.
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Review of 2012 Goals

Posted by on Jan 5, 2013 in My life | 0 comments

Well I thought I had had an alright year in 2012. Many people didn’t think it was a fantastic year, but I thought it was alright. I know that is an average word, but that is exactly how it can be summed up – average. Not good, not too bad, but right in the middle. Looking back at the post I did at the start of last year for my 2012 goals, I am realizing that it wasn’t actually a particularly good year. One thing that is a positive I guess is that my attitude managed to stay positive throughout which helped make things seem better than they were.

From my 2012 post and my grading:

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  • Weight: this is the big goal for this year. To get healthy and try and get down to 80kgs of ripped awesomeness. I found that during 2011 my sport suffered due to having a couple extra kilograms. I don’t think health can ever be over valued. FAILED – Shin splints returned and I damaged ligaments within my right ankle. Two league games right at the start of the year were the only two proper games that I played this year.
  • Learn to cook: Seriously, I am like a retarded sloth when it comes to the kitchen. I do however make a mean slice of some gourmet toast. Some Progess – I have definitely improved in the kitchen, but am still far too close to the handicap side of things when it comes to being Jamie Oliver in the kitchen.
  • Studies: I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I can achieve two firsts in this next semester out of the four modules that I will be taking from UNISA. FAILED – miserably. With work and and life getting in the way, my studies suffered again. This working AND studying thing is seriously challenging when it comes to be disciplined!
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