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Posted by on May 25, 2009 in Cape Town, My life | 0 comments


So I started exams today. The teachers were not in a kind mood when they plotted the exam time table as they decided they would give me Maths Paper 1 first. Kind hey?

Well I got my hands dirty, and felt I was fairly well prepared when I walked into school this morning. You could tell that most were nervous, but most tried not to show it. I find it amusing going to a boys school as all the guys try to be all macho and stuff.

So let me cut the long story short. I think I did fairly well. Not amazingly well, but a decent mark. Now it is time to put in some serious effort for paper 2! Trig here I come! I am determined to get an A for this paper.

Anyway time to study some physics.

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It Has Arrived – Nokia N78

Posted by on May 20, 2009 in Cape Town, My life, Technology | 2 comments


Nokia N78

Nokia N78


My new phone finally arrived yesterday afternoon. I have not had much time to give it a full test, but am really enjoying the features so far. It is a huge step up from my last phone! Wow!

I am quite impressed with the phone so far, and am quite amazed at the number of features and how hi-tech everything is. This phone comes with Wi-Fi, GPS and a 2GB memory card. It was really easy to transfer my old contacts and such using bluetooth and was done in an instant. One thing that I am really happy about, is with the phone running the Symbian OS, I can now do multiple things at once. I was constantly caught out wanting to do more than one thing at a time, but now I can!

There is one major downside to this lovely device. The handset gets five stars from me, until you start to type on it. That is when the nightmare begins. The keys are very tiny, which is not sure a problem, the problem is that there is no clear distiction between keys. There is simple three rows of plastic, and therefore I am finding it quite difficult to type. I am sure that with time I can easily get used to that, I have no doubt about that. The biggest con for me is where the clear button is located. It is located on the bottom right of the phone which makes it really difficult to backspace if you are only typing with your right hand. I was getting very annoyed with it last night in my first session of mxit with it.

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Weekend Update

Posted by on May 18, 2009 in Cape Town, My life | 0 comments

So what did I get up to on this terribly cold, wet and miserable weekend? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It is brilliant. Ok, so I played a few hockey matches for school and club, but apart from that I did nothing. I did not go out, but rather just stayed at home and recharged the batteries.

With exams being only a week away now, I think I really needed this weekend to just relax and destress while making sure that I am getting properly prepared for these exams. After all, these exams are HUGE! I start off with Maths Paper One. :/ 

I am actually looking forward to another weekend like that this weekend coming. Ok, well maybe one night out ;)

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Druken Hockey Practice

Posted by on May 13, 2009 in Cape Town, Humour, My life | 0 comments

So tonight I ventured down to practice for my club hockey side. I play for the 5th side, and for our Wednesday night practice’s we combine with the 4th side to get some more numbers, and to challenge the placings a bit.

After most of the side had had a quick warm up in the bar upstairs before practice, we started a mini game situation. All was going well until the 4th team captain or coach, or who ever he was pitched and decided to run things. He suggested we start off giving the keeper a work out with which we all agreed and started the drill.

This is where the fun begins… This guy was completed trashed. He challenged us to get ten goals in five minutes. Now, that is not very hard for even the worst of sides as you are taking loads of shots in five minutes. We started to bang them in, and then started to giggle as this guy could hardly control the ball, and couldn’t count properly.

Things just got funnier and funnier for all of us until we had worn out the joke and decided to return to our little game situation from earlier. Not something we should be laughing at, but still funny none the less.

I have never had something like that before. Any of you had any crazy stories like that to share?

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My New Phone – Nokia N78

Posted by on May 12, 2009 in My life, Technology | 0 comments

So my contract has finally run out. My sister and I are on the same deal with Vodacom, but have decided that the Virgin offer of 1000 sms’s and R150 airtime for R150 a month was just too tempting. So we have just been waiting for my father to find some time when we are free to go and sign the new deals. Trust me that is easier said than done!

My dad recently won a HTC Touch Diamond (very awesome!) and he is also due an upgrade at the moment. So, with my sister taking my mom’s fancy upgrade I have managed to persuade my father to allow me to take his upgrade. Nokia N78 here I come. It was between that and the N81, but the N78 come out on top.

My New Baby - Nokia N78

My New Baby - Nokia N78

If you want to go and check out some of the features of my new toy, click here. I placed the order this morning, so I am hoping that I will have it by the end of the week! So far, I know it has GPS, a 3.15MP fancy camera and WiFi.

Surely my awesomeness rating just increased?

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