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Early Xmas Present! Thanks

Posted by on Dec 17, 2009 in My life | 2 comments

So here I am just sitting on my pc, when I head on over to for…well just because. I often take a peak at her blog and it provides some truly inspiring moments. Trust me, if you read it regularly, you will understand that she is one seriously tough cookie.

But inside that tough exterior is actually a rather generous person. She recently ran a competition with some wicked prizes.

First Prize: A fully catered picnic for 2 at Spier

Second Prize: R400 Kalahari gift voucher

Third Prize: R100 Kalahari gift voucher

Those are some pretty awesome prizes. The winners were just announced, and guess who came second though?! ME! I got the R400 Kalahari voucher! Alright? Cool? Nah, none of those. It’s AWESOME! I am lanked stoked to have won! WOOHOO! Early Xmas pressie! It will definitely help me find something on my Xmas Wishlist.

Merry Xmas everyone, and THANK YOU @cow_grrrl!

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I Am Back

Posted by on Dec 14, 2009 in My life | 0 comments

I know you have missed me. There were no awesome posts for more than a week! Oh no! There is good news how ever. I am back to save your life, and pull you off the life support. I am so pleased to see that you could hang in there until I returned.

As you will know I am now completely done with school, and this obviously meant a big celebration. Of course, I partied hard. In fact, my mates and I went up to Plettenberg Bay for the tradtitional matric rage. This is just a week of solid, huge, gigantic parties with only the best DJ’s and bands.

It was absolutely amazing partying to the sounds of Roger Goode, Euphonik and Zebra and Giraffe. Don’t worry, I will post some pictures up for you guys, and the posts will now continue to flow as normal.

Did any one else go up to Plett?

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Step Out Of the Vehicle

Posted by on Nov 24, 2009 in My life | 0 comments

So on Friday night a ton of us headed out for a bit of partying. Exams are almost finished and we decided it was time to let loose a bit during a lengthy gap between exams.

Things started off with a bit of pool and a few drinks at my place. It was nice and chilled with some music and the vibe was good. Off we went for a night of partying as normal, but things did NOT end up in the same normal way that I had hoped.

I was designated driver on the night as I was determined not to drink during exams. On the way home, I dropped off the first person at home, and it was from there that things started to go down. As I was pulling away, a police car came around the corner behind us, and preceeded to follow us. Well at least we found it a bit strange that it started to take the same turn off’s that we did.

I dropped off the next person on Sandown road and the car continued to follow us as we left there. Now the three of us were quite freaked out and were sure the 5 0 were after us. Now I was really driving like a perfect motorist. The lights finally started to flash on park road on my way home, and as soon as I pulled over, two other cop cars come rushing over and blocked me in! Not one, not two, but three cop cars were now surrounding me!

I was asked to step out of the vehicle, and did so immediately! The cop sounded lank serious and I almost jumped out of the seat! They then made my friends get out, and asked if they could search the boot! Now I know that they need a warrent to do this actually, but since I wasn’t hiding anything I said they could search the rest of the car as well.

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I Pasted My Drivers!

Posted by on Oct 23, 2009 in Cars, My life | 2 comments

Finally I have managed it! It took my more than one try, but in the end I have overcome the demon that is the motor vechile license!

I had a very relaxed and chilled officer which I think made a gigantic difference. The first time I went, they were very strict and uptight which just made me even more nervous! I decided to take some calming tables before my second time which also would have played a huge part in relaxing me.

The officer and I had a huge DMC about religion, gangsterism and just life in general. It was actually very interesting hearing his views and past experiences, but more importantly, I think he wasn’t really paying attention to my driving! I only lost 36 points out of 192 out on the road.

As I pulled away from the hillstart, done perfectly I might add, he said, “oh no”. I thought I had failed, and then when I asked what was wrong, he replies with, “no I just felt like saying oh no”. That made me relax as I knew he wasn’t as strict as the previous guy and we could actually make jokes.

It is quite a feeling being able to just jump in the car and go where I want. Now the next step is to get hold of my own car!

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Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Posted by on Sep 7, 2009 in My life | 0 comments

My sister sent me an email of the ‘Top 45 Creative Anti-smoking Adverts’. I had a look through them and decide to post a few here. Some of them are brilliant and should hopefully shock those into smoking to stop!






STOP SMOKING!! You can click on the images to view them in all their glory.

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PhD in Procrastination

Posted by on Aug 17, 2009 in My life | 2 comments

Right now I really should be doing some work. I have mock exams in two weeks but instead I am here, entertaining you! Not only that, but I don’t charge for this great entertainment. How generous am I?

I am drifting from the point here. O wait… That would imply that I actually had a point to this post. Hmmm. I am not one to lie so therefore I guess I can’t say that I am drifting from the point as that would be a blatant lie because there is no point in this post. Gosh. So that actually leaves this post to go down any road that I wish.

Which road should I take then? “I took the road less traveled and that, that made all the difference.” Can you remember who said that lovely quote? It comes from Dead Poets Society. I bet you didn’t know that one did you? It is a quote that I quite enjoy and attempt to live my life to, but since I am quite lazy and procrastinate a fair amount, I sometimes “forget” that part. You see, working hard now delivers long term results, but being lazy now gives you immediate satisfaction. You see my problem of the great temptation that being thrown at me from the God of Laziness. O the unworldly horrors that I must face at such a young age.

I think I have wondered off on a tangent enough and avoided work for too long tonight. So I am off to maybe sit and stare at a blank screen for a bit, but this actually feels far more productive as I am actually doing something. I am in denial I know.

I hope you week started off well and that hangover from the weekend didn’t make getting up for work/school/nothing too difficult.

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