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Help Sponsor Me Please!

Posted by on Feb 24, 2010 in Cape Town, Marketing, My life, Web | 8 comments

Yes, I am completely shameless.

I need YOUR help.

I am looking to do the Quirk eMarketing Course, but unfortunately it is WAY out of my budget. It costs roughly R6700 which is more than I earn a month!

Here is where you come in! :)

I am looking for any form of sponsorship for this. Be it half, 25%, 10% what ever. Something that helps bring down the cost for me to something that I can actually afford! I know this is a HUGE ask but I really want to do this and the entries close on the 26th February which is this Friday!


I am willing to negotiate with people and do things in return such as advertising, helping with your website, what ever you can think of!

I really am relying on help from you! Not the person next to you, or across from you, but YOU!

Please email me if you want to discuss this further and make my day! Please let me know if you know of anyone that could possibly help me out even just slightly!

Email: jbigmac(at)

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Chevy Volt Fail Marketing

Posted by on Dec 17, 2009 in Marketing | 2 comments

Wow. I am diving further and further into the online media marketing and advertising realm, and have actually applied for a few jobs relating to that. So to brush up on my knowledge, get experience and exposure, I am trying to dig deeper and deeper into what makes campaigns successful and brings the best returns.

This one made me cringe. What is it? That surely can’t be done to PROMOTE Chevy? Are they going on the angle that it is so horrible people will take notice and remember the ad? So far it is working as I unfortunately can’t get this horrible video out of my head!

Take a peak and leave your views below!


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Guiness Poker

Posted by on Sep 10, 2009 in Marketing | 0 comments

I have caught a marketing bug. Quite weird but hey. This advert, although very short caught my eye and I thought you should view it. It not only promotes a fun beer, but at the same time responsible drinking. I like it.

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