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Best 2015 Superbowl Ads

Posted by on Feb 6, 2015 in Marketing | 0 comments

The 2015 Superbowl recently took place, and as always, there were some fantastic adverts made specifically for the showcase that reportedly gets around 150 million viewers. These ads cost $9 000 000 for a one minute slot, so there is a great deal of effort that goes into these spots. Below are my favourite picks – yes, I did watch them all as I do every year :)

Aaaaand, my personal favourite.

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Omo Liquid Radio Ads – Genius

Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Marketing | 0 comments

A while back (holy crap, over a year ago) Omo launched their liquid washing detergent. The marketing that has been attached to such a traditionally boring product has been nothing short of sintilating and brook-pooping exciting.

Now, being 21 I have absolutely no interest in washing machines or anything of that kak. Clothes go in, get washed, come out clean finito. But somehow this campaign has got me interested and I would border on saying washing detergent brand loyal. Cha bru, I am getting involved in that domesticated shit.

How is that for building on the success of their TV advert that enjoyed so much success. We have an office meme to “just one small cap is enough”. Everyone gets it and loves it and it has just stuck around. Now with the introduction of some brilliant remixes, that fire is igniting all over again to raucous rapture.

Ooooooh eh eh! Just one small awesome advertising campaign is NOT enough!

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Unlock the 007 in you – Coke Zero & Skyfall

Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Marketing | 0 comments

So what do you get when you cross Coke Zero and the new James Bond movie called Skyfall? You get flipping awesome that’s what! How coooool is this for a campaign??

I love how they managed to get random guys to just go ahead and do this. This campaign is seriously well put together and at the moment has amassed over 3 million views on YouTube. That is the power of technology and social media coming together with a touch of brilliance. If that doesn’t get you excited about marketing and tech then who knows under what boring rock you live.

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FNB & Standard Bank Battle of the Banks

Posted by on Feb 23, 2012 in Marketing | 1 comment

When another competitor makes false claims and lays down campaigns that are based on factually incorrect information, you need to step in and correct that, is what Standard Bank are saying to the public at the moment. What they will be explaining to their board of directors shortly though, is how badly they messed this situation up.

Standard Bank Tweet

Today Standard Bank  tweeted “” which lead to everyone jumping on the bandwagon and throwing in their two cents worth on Twitter. Chris M over from said Standard Bank & FNB Go Head to Head and this got me thinking far more in-depth on the issue at hand. From my timeline, it looks like Standard Bank are fighting a losing battle. The sentiment towards First National Bank was overwhelmingly positive and it seems those that bank with FNB are more than willing to stand up for their bank and go to war in the Battle of the Banks. Some even asking the trusty face of FNB’s social media efforts @RBJacobs if the claims were indeed true.

It would be really interesting to get the guys from over at Brands Eye involved to see what the online sentiment was really like without a biased slant. FNB have a far better social presence from what I can tell so I would imagine they would wins this hands down.

Blog Post

Standard Bank also released a blog post coinciding with their twitter update regarding the complaint and you can read it here. Please feel free to leave your comments on the post. I would love to see how the bank reacts to all comments whether they are positive or negative.

Social Media

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Serenade Someone With Heineken On Facebook This Valentines Day

Posted by on Feb 2, 2012 in Marketing | 0 comments

Valentines day is right around the corner yo. 14th of Feb be close! Have you got your squeezer lined up for the evening ready to serenade her in a night full of romance and sexy time? NO? Wait, what is wrong with you!?

Ok, ok, so I have to step in here and help a brother out. Sure my china, no worries. I got your back.

Ok, so you could sign a lekker love tune to her while getting on one knee with a rose in your mouth, but that situation can go far more than two shades of wrong and will leave you looking for a betty in the shady corners of Hillbrow. Instead, you can simply use this lekker piece of magic that the okes over at Heineken came up with. I call him Hernandez. He will take care of you.



Serenade Your Date with the steps as follows:

1) Head on over to the app on Vleisbook
2) Pick the lovely lady to serenade
3) Say what you like about them
4) Where you want to take them
5) What makes you so special?

Ok so once you have sent that lekker ding off to your squeeze of choice, you gotta wait and see if she accepts it! Jeepers the tension my brother!

The “Serenade Live” Event will be streamed live at the following local times:
London: 6pm – 3am / New York: 1pm – 10pm / Sydney: 5am – 2pm
* Twitter: @Heineken, #Serenade, #SerenadeLive

Seriously, this campaign is a frikking smoking one! Can’t wait to see everyone pick up on this!

Please note that this is a sponsored post

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