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You know you are addicted to Gatorpeeps when

Posted by on May 22, 2009 in Humour, Web | 0 comments

Many things in life are very addictive, but it seems that micro-blogging is becoming addictive as well. Robert Bravery drew up this list which I found rather amusing and thought I should share. 

You know you are addicted to Gatorpeeps when …

  • In an emergency, you peep @10111.
  • You were served court papers on Gatorpeeps  because you no longer use FaceBook.
  • You are jealous of anyone who has more followers than you.
  • You peep your partner to turn out the light. When you’re both in bed.
  • Your mother gets a Gatorpeeps account just so she can ask if you’re coming home for Christmas.
  • You keep peeping to your favourite celebrity in the misguided hope they reply.
  • You get upset if no one selects you for #gatorfriday. So your peep yourself from another account.
  • If you sign your credit card receipts or cheques with your Gatorpeeps nickname
  • When you peep about the break up before you phone your best friend.
  • You put your Gator handle on your business card
  • Your husband learns of your pregnancy via a Gator Quote.
  • You can no longer have a conversation longer than 140 characters.
  • You insist that your Doctor send your sick-note via Gatorpeeps.
  • You start a GA (Gators Anonymous) support group.
  • You are no longer scared of crocs.
  • Your nickname is PeepingTom, and you’re not ashamed.
  • You search for Gator nicknames/user names before you sign your newborn’s birth certificate.
  • Schizophrenia means you have multiple Gatorpeeps accounts.
  • You’ve sprayed all your dogs Gator Green.


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IDOLS – Where They Went Wrong

Posted by on May 21, 2009 in Humour, Music | 2 comments

If you ask me, IDOLS was doomed right from the start. No not the start of this season, but rather season one. 

You may ask what when where who and how? Well you have seen the huge fisaco with the votes not coming through and everything just being a gigantic mess. Well, I saw it coming. You are now asking how did I see it? Well after all, I am Captain Awesome.

Jokes aside. The real problems started with the naming. The American Idol finished last night, with the winner being…

I am not going to spoil it for you if you don’t know! Calm down!

Back to the issue at hand. The problem started with the naming. Note how the American version is called American Idol. Singular. Our version on the other hand, is called IDOLS, and as you might have guessed it, is in the plural form.

So this is where the issue came about. My theory is that all the votes came through, the producers were just having some fun with the last series and decided to allow the show to live up to its name, IDOLS.

Funny isn’t it? Ok, well I thought so :)

Ok really now, jokes aside.

I thought I would leave you a video of Adam Lambert:

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Cooler Box – Local Is Lekker

Posted by on May 16, 2009 in Cape Town, Humour, Music | 2 comments

I found this video ages ago! I mean like almost two years now. I absolutely killed myself listening to the lyrics, and I stumbled upon it again this morning. It is simply just awesome. Nothing is better than good afrikaans lyrics with a nice kwaito flavour hey? This should help you get over the miserable weather outside in the Cape.


Go take a peak at some of his other video’s!

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Asteroid is Chicken

Posted by on May 14, 2009 in Cape Town, Humour | 0 comments

I was pointed to this brilliant article on The Onion News. This appealed to my inner geek. Enjoy.

Click here to read the proper article.

TUCSON, AZ—Though initial calculations showed it to be on a direct collision course with Earth, a pansy-ass asteroid approximately the size of Rhode Island has instead altered its trajectory to avoid the planet by more than 40,000 miles, astronomers at the University of Arizona reported Monday.
This wuss missed the Earth by a long shot.

“Guess it just didn’t have the spuds to go through with it,” Richard A. Kowalski of the school’s Catalina Sky Survey said. “Real big surprise. Maybe you can try again when you accrete a little more mass than 6.32 x 1015 kilograms, okay? Chicken-shit.”

Kowalski said that one month ago Asteroid 2009-XG2—nicknamed “Old Limp Dick”—was following a path that, even accounting for heat friction and gravitational pull from other celestial bodies, gave it a 97 percent chance of striking Earth. Further observation and calculations, however, indicated that the asteroid would instead tuck its balls between its legs and change its course by more than 22 degrees.

“This potential extinction-level event turned out to be a puss-out of cosmic proportions,” Kowalski said. “Earth didn’t even flinch. You know what, why don’t you give it another go, little guy? Huh? You can even take a free shot at the moon to warm up.”
Scientists in this observatory used a high-powered telescope to track the asteroid’s path right to the point of its monumental puss-out.

After a brief pause Kowalski added, “That’s what I thought.”

Many astronomers who have spent their careers monitoring asteroids have echoed Kowalski’s conclusions. David L. Rabinowitz of the NASA-funded Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking program claimed that, despite the overwhelming data to the contrary, no one in the astronomy community had any doubt that the asteroid was talking out of its ass.

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