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Do You Hate Telkom?

Posted by on Jun 6, 2009 in Gossip, Web | 9 comments

Here in South Africa Telkom has a hold on the landline communications sector, and many people are not so thrilled with this. Many people feel that they are too expensive, they offer terrible support, and just generally do not have any concern for their customers. 

If you are one of those people, you can now voice your opinion. Of course there is still the lovely Hellkom site which has been voicing their opinion for years now. Now there is another site that I have found – enter futelkom. This is more based on responses from the community where they can leave comments, and truely express their unhappy opinions about Telkom.

Please note that I do not encourage hate speech, but rather calm, ethical and polite means when you wish to communicate a complaint. I feel that all companies should be informed if a customer is not happy with the service that they are getting, but this should be done using the right channels.

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Twilight: New Moon Trailer

Posted by on Jun 3, 2009 in Entertainment, Gossip | 0 comments

My female friends absolutely fell in love with the actor that played Edward in the first movie. Being a guy, I don’t understand how a guy so pale can be “hot”, but anyway, here is something for the ladies to drool over. I am probably going to be hearing about this trailer until the movie comes out. O goodie!

I actually enjoyed the first movie. Will the second one live up to the first?

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Windows Rant

Posted by on May 27, 2009 in Gossip, Technology | 0 comments



I found this letter on the SevenForums where someone had given their thoughts on Windows 7. This guy doesn’t hold back at all, but he does have some extra valid points. Take  a read and tell me if you agree with him or not!

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Fired Over Facebook

Posted by on May 27, 2009 in Gossip, Web | 0 comments

Johannesburg – An employee has been fired and two others suspended for posting Facebook updates considered unacceptable by the their companies, The Times reported on Wednesday.

A 23-year-old administration clerk at a clothing factory south of Durban lost his job after being reported by a co-worker for calling his boss a “serial masturbator” on Facebook.

Wits Law Clinic Professor Willem de Klerk said the Constitution promotes freedom of expression “provided that what is expressed is based on fact”.

“There is a huge difference between having your say based on fact and using the platform to slag off your employer,” De Klerk said.

Bloggers have previously come under fire for writing defamatory statements about people or employers, but being fired on the basis of a Facebook status update is a relatively new phenomenon to South Africa, say experts.

A 25-year-old Johannesburg-based Facebook user was suspended for punting a competitor?s product on her profile homepage.

Another, also 25, was suspended for venting about his Pretoria-based employer’s alleged laziness.

Malicious comments illegal

De Klerk warned that malicious Facebook comments are as illegal as verbal defamatory statements.

But he suggests that the employer should consider whether that was the only outlet to express a grievance.

“But if the employee crossed the line and deliberately made comments to be malicious, then he should be fired,” De Klerk said.

Labour lawyer Johann van Zyl said many South African companies have blocked Facebook but are also wising up to the need for labour policies designed to prevent employees from bringing the company into disrepute in their private time.

Van Zyl said labour lawyers expect to see more cases of internet abuse and online defamation being brought against employees as the technology continues to grow, the newspaper reported.

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How I Met Your Mother Gets 5th Season

Posted by on May 26, 2009 in Entertainment, Gossip | 0 comments

For fans of CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, May has been a rough time. Because Mother is only a moderate success, it has to fight to find a spot on the network’s schedule. As a result, CBS waits until the very last minute to decide the series’ fate. Viewers are left to sweat it out, asking “Will the sitcom be renewed for another season?” Well, it looks like their luck is starting to change a bit.

Variety is reporting that Twentieth Century Fox Television has made syndication deals with local stations in several national markets. A separate deal for cable-exclusive rights will be decided in the coming months. Though Mother’s ratings have never been outstanding, the series is very attractive in the syndication market for a couple reasons. The audience typically skews younger and there aren’t too many sitcoms that will be offered in syndication in the near future. Though sitcoms aren’t in big demand in network primetime, they’re a big hit in syndication.

Though it’s nice that fans will be able to see the show five days a week, the great news becomes apparent when you read the “fine print” of the syndication agreements. Mother’sfour-year syndication contract stipulates that the studio will deliver 110 half-hour episodes in the year 2010. At the end of the fourth season (which kicks off on Monday), only 90 episodes will have been produced. That means that, under the syndication deal, the studio is obligated to deliver at least 20 more episodes, ensuring Mother will get a fifth season.

The profitable syndication market has come into play several times over the past couple years. Though their ratings aren’t great, ABC’s Scrubs and According to Jim were both renewed because they’re big moneymakers in syndication. A similar scenario could mean that Mother may continue past the fifth season. If the show goes for additional years, the local station contracts will be extended, ensuring the studio boatloads of more cash.

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TransferJet 560Mbps Wireless Grabs Members

Posted by on May 20, 2009 in Gossip, Technology | 0 comments





It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from you, TransferJet, the high-speed but low-range wireless would-be standard that promises 560Mbps over a near-adjacent range of just 3cm. Sony kicked off the initiative, but now has about 15 others playing along who have all managed to put aside their differences to finalize the specs on both the physical and connection layers. All they need now is hardware, and so starting today they’re graciously asking for more members to join their consortium — not that they would have turned you away yesterday. Still no sign of when actual devices using this technology will hit retail, but where there’s a spec there’s always a prototype.

To view the official press release, click here.


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