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An (G)oogle at a cynical conspiracy

Posted by on Apr 29, 2010 in Google Android, Web | 2 comments

An (G)oogle at a cynical conspiracy

Google has always seemed to be a friendly company, and have always taken the face of a company with a smile. Are they starting to change that and take a more underhanded approach, or have we just never known what goes on behind the scenes?

I work for a company that deals with Google and several financial services companies, and therefore keep a very close eye on the rankings for various forms of insurance and so on. With us keeping such a close eye, we notice trends as they develop, and watch how the rankings fluctuate on a long term, as well as a short terms basis.

As we monitor this space, we realize how highly saturated as well as how competitive it is. And this is how the perfect opportunity for the development of a cynical view point arises.

Google is the leader in the search market all over the world, and therefore has many companies in the palm of its hand. Google is in an extremely strong position in terms of manipulating the market.

Step back and get your critical thinking hats on: when Google makes changes to the rankings, it often results in many companies frantically running around trying to get back to where they were – or better.

It is suddenly a mad frenzy, which leads to actions without thought, and they simply end up throwing money at the problem. Where does that money normally go? PPC advertising. You might think this is normal and there is nothing cynical with that, but what many don’t realize that the money going to PPC is in fact going into Google’s AdWords campaign and therefore going into Google’s pocket.

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OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner – I WANT!

Posted by on Jan 19, 2010 in Google Android | 5 comments

So I am unfortunately still stuck with my failing piece of Japanese enginering, namely the Nokia N78. As I mentioned in my GIGANTIC RANT, I am nowhere near satisfied with the phone and things just keep getting progressively worse.

I have some new additions to add to that huge list of failings: The phone now just brings up its own menus. It just will randomly press buttons by itself. Fortunately it has not dialed or smsed any one yet, but it keeps unlocking and locking the phone, bringing up the main menu, and continuesly thinks I am plugging in some handset and asks me to confirm what is connected. The back cover has also fallen off and broken now.

It is really just a pile of absolute C.R.A.P.

But then I got a pleasant surprise and I felt like a 6 year old on the morning of Christmas. I saw Rafiq was running a competition to win an OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner! This bad boy is one of the first phones in the country to run the Android mobile operating system. Stoked! I have seriously been wanting to test the system, and with this phone being opensource as well it just gets better!

So here I am, on my kness, bowing before you Rafiq, begging, pleading, willing to sacrifice a small animal if it means I get that phone! Put me out of my painful, tourcherous stay with the phone! PLEASE!

/pathetic, shameless begging

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Google Docs: 12 Cool Features You Didn’t Know

Posted by on Dec 27, 2009 in Google Android, Web | 0 comments

Here is an article I found on I would recommend reading it here though as the grammar and layout over there is shocking. I have edited this to make it far easier to read. Enjoy.

Slick and simple, Google Docs is the online office suite for people who don’t need bells and whistles. You can open and edit most office document, spreadsheet and presentation formats in Google Docs – and view PDFs. It autosaves your work, so it’s crash proof, and you can share documents publicly or with selected contacts.Google Docs looks underpowered, but dig deep and you’ll find smart features that other suites can’t beat. Here are 12 of the best.

1. Recover old revisions. Go to File > Revision History and the entire past of the current document will be revealed. This powerful feature allows you to select and edit any version of your document. Compare revisions side by side too – new edits are colour coded to their author.

2. Create HTML tables. You can access a document’s underlying HTML code direct by going to “Edit > Edit HTML”. There are lots of uses for this. For example: use Google Docs WYSIWYG table making tools – then go to “Edit HTML”. Paste the code into any input window that expects HTML. Instant, painless table coding.HTML VIEW: Handy for chucking together web page content, Google Docs are rendered in HTML.

3. Add CSS. Google Docs allows you to add CSS styles to any document. Try this. Make a new document, highlight it and choose “Heading 3″ from the Styles dropdown. Next, go to “Edit > Edit CSS” and enter this code: { font-size: 200%; font-family: Georgia,”Times New Roman”,Times,serif; }Click “OK” and the change should be instant. Go to “File > New > New from Template” to investigate more complex CSS examples.

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