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Posted by on Jul 20, 2011 in General, My life | 0 comments is currently running an awesome campaign which aims to help those in need by building them a new house. Take a look at the video below. You can’t tell me that it doesnt want to make you get up and do something about the state of some people lives?

Please go to their facebook page here and click like so that they can get to their goal of R91 000!

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MMA – UFC Infographic

Posted by on Mar 17, 2011 in General | 1 comment

Source:http://www.onlinecollegedegrees.netOnline College Degrees - Mixed Martial Arts

Cha bru I am gonna give you one serious klap!

Ok maybe not since I am sitting here blogging about this, but this infographic has seriously got me pumped! I do enjoy spectating the odd Bergie Brawl™ that goes down in Claremont on a Saturday night while people stagger across the main road to Tin Roof so flipping drunk they don’t even know their own name. Yea you know who I am talking about!

But seriously though, I feel like hitting the gym now! RAWWWR!!

P.S Don’t forget it’s St Paddy’s day today so go and get Slizzard!

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Alcohol Use – Getting Slizzard [Infographic]

Posted by on Mar 17, 2011 in General, My life | 1 comment

Visualizing Alcohol Use

So we all know that when it comes to Thursday, that secretly the weekend begins. Life would not be the same without Phuza Thursday, and it just makes that week a bit more barable for those poor chops that are stuck in a crappy job like accounting. Shame.

If I was stuck in an uber kak job I would also turn to my good friend called Wellington. Yea, I am sure you have meet some of my other good friends like Carling, and Jose. Yea….you are good friends with them aren’t you? Naughty!

So I know all you statistical people out there like your numbers, but for those of you out there that prefer pretty colours and graphs and stuff here is an infographic for something that everyone loves: BOOZE!

Don’t forget its St Paddy’s day today! Time to get Slizzard!

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100th Post

Posted by on Sep 10, 2009 in General | 1 comment

I have finally reached that magically milestone. Yes, it has taken longer than I thought it would, but I have finally overcome the battle of the 100 posts demon, and as you can witness, I am victorious!

I just want to thank you, the readers, who keep coming back here, and for those that simply pop by for the odd visit, it is greatly appreciated. I hope to see you back again soon, and that the beast that is the 200 posts mark is slayed with ease in the coming months.

To infinity and beyound!

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Welcome to the Awesomeness

Posted by on Apr 19, 2009 in General | 1 comment

You have finally made it, well done! You have managed to find the most Awesome blog in the country. Yes, you are one of the very few selected persons to be able to read my insights and opinions. No no, you don’t have to pay to read the awesomeness; I am being kind and allowing you this oppurtunity at no cost at all. Lucky you!

You are probably wondering why I am starting this blog? Well, I have been following the local blogesphere for a couple of years now, but I have just been too lazy to actually start my own. That has be to my worst quality: being extremely lazy.

But anyway, I have finally started it, and am looking forward to the journey that it takes me on! Captain officially invites you to follow him on his journey! Hold tight, because things could get awesome!

Captain Awesome

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