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Remember, Remember, The First of Movember

Posted by on Nov 2, 2014 in General | 0 comments


November is back already. How did February get past me!? I am going to blink again and it is going to be 2020 I tell you!

November is a very important month of the year. November is the month where your rage at shops throwing up Christmas decorations in September and October has subsided because you are now tired of it and have given in to the commercialization of Christmas, but it is also the most important month of the year for your balls. Yep gents, you did read that correctly. November is the month where your junk takes centre stage. During November you can *almost* talk openly about your junk as it can be covered in the veil of testicular cancer awareness as November is the month of Movember - a month were somehow, growing a mustache is linked to preventing prostate cancer. Something to do with only men being able to grow a beard therefore signifying their manliness. I have met a few “chicks” in my life time that can disrupt that assumption.












ANYWAY, we digress. But just have another look at that. Ewwww. Not so sexy.

Back to the matter in hand. See what I did there? Yea, I am funny – accept it.

Right. Serious face. November is all about your Mo, and while I won’t be partaking this year because I look like a homeless pedophilia Ron Jeremy from the 80′s, I will still be doing my bit like I did last year and donating some money to this very worthy cause. Get in on the act and get supporting!


Grow a tache and raise some cash!

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How Men & Women Watch Porn

Posted by on Feb 23, 2014 in General | 0 comments

I love it when I get lost in the internet, browsing page after page as time floats by with me blissfully unaware of the hours passing. I tend to do this quite often and before I know it, I am alarmed at the number of tabs I have open and what time it is.

I somehow managed to stumble across this infographic from Cosmo and found it to be quite interesting. The results were quite a bit different than what I had imagined for some reason – not sure why I had pictured something different.


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Wrappz Phone Covers

Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in General | 0 comments

Recently Chris and I were looking out for cool ways to get some sick branding done on some more everyday items so that when we were out and about we were flashing the iMod Digital brand around. We were looking to get some wicked stickers/covers done for our laptops that if we head out to work from anywhere we could be working and promoting the brand at the same time.

We came across a wicked company called Wrappz that seems to do everything! They make custom phone cases, covers, laptop sleeves etc. Literally this place seems to cover everything.

I found this on the site: is a SA company providing custom designed covers, skins, cases, stickers and other accessories to protect, cover and personalise your gadgets. Custom skins include bespoke designs for mobile phones, iPads, iPods, iPod Touch, Laptops, Kindles and all Tablets, PSPs, DS, Xbox etc. Other Mobile Phone accessories include iPhone skins and cases, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Google skins, LG and Motorola skins.


I think it is so awesome that you can go and design your own covers etc. Now all we need to do is decide on our design and get cracking! Their prices actually seem pretty reasonable compared to other places that we had a look at.

Please note that this is a sponsored post.


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