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ANC Youth League Website Hacked – Julius Malema Steps Down

Posted by on Mar 30, 2011 in Featured, Humour | 0 comments

ANC Youth League Website Hacked – Julius Malema Steps Down

I must admit, this is fairly funny. Nice one bru!

ANC Youth League - Julius Malema Steps Down

So apparently our comrade old Julius Malema has stepped down. Cha that will be the day hey. But wait, that would lead to a duldrum of other boring political puppers coming in to replace our President of the Youth League. Oh no, silly me! I forgot about the rest of the ANC! Everyone calm down, crisis averted!

Good, now we can continue to have our leader Julius, or more commenly known as JuJu, can continue to make stupid statements about flying to the sun so that the rest of the world can laugh at us.

Good old Julius Malema will surely be back to his best in an attempt to try and shut down not just Twitter, but the entire internet now!

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Velvet Sky Airlines Failing Already

Posted by on Mar 18, 2011 in Featured, Gossip, Marketing | 69 comments

So I am sure you have all heard of the new South African Air line company called Velvet Sky? Wait, what? How have you not heard of them? Oh, you’re a socially-inept hermit who doesn’t expose themselves to social surroundings or any form of media either. Shame.

For those of you who HAVE heard of them, well they are doing a horrible job already.

“Already?”, you might say with a confused look on your cute face. Yes my darlings, already. You see, I somehow clicked on some spammy twitter link this morning to be taken to the Velvet Sky website. Boom! I was greeted with a lovely count down timer showing 12 noon today! I was sky high with excitement! (See what I did there? …..Jeez, that one was lame. I apologize.)

Velvet Sky airline south africa

Look at that! Fantasmalistically exciting! I held my breath for that second! Only be to greeted with such epic proportions of FAIL!

Velvet Sky airline launch south africa

Seriously! That is all that changed! I was expecting lights, camera’s, flashes, red carpets and all sorts of wonderfully majestic goodies!

What was I greeted with instead. A gigantic pile of bland.


What is up with that logo? Did someone spill some paint onto the webpage? Sis man. I have a feeling that another SAA similar shenanigans is on its way. Durban people. Pffft.

UPDATE 2:30pm:

So I checked 20 minutes after 12 and it was still producing the fail as above. I checked back just after two now and the new site is finally up. It is horribly slow though and doesnt seem to be too helpful. That is just my first impression. I guess only time will tell. It doesn’t seem to be populated with any flight details either which kind of defeats the point of an airline don’t you think?

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CNN Reporter Laughs At Japan Tsunami

Posted by on Mar 11, 2011 in Featured, Gossip, Humour | 10 comments

Appartantly a CNN reporter by the name of Rosemary Church laughed live on air with regards to the recent Tsunami that struck Japan this morning. She seemed to have a good giggle about her Twitter being “flooded with tweets” about the Tsunami which she found rather amusing. Sick puppy that one…

The backlash is quite hectic on twitter with people calling for her resignation and CNN have pulled her off the air with immediate effect. I don’t know if that is a permanent move but eish, that lady is not going to be very well liked after this! Somehow I don’t think a little public apology is going to save your career after this one Rose.

What a shame. She was a pretty betty. Oh well.

If you want to follow the lovely, now probably unemployed, Rosemary Church, you can simply click here to throw abuse her way!

I posted a live stream of the Earthquake/Tsunami earlier.

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