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I got so engulfed in the first season that I forgot to blog about it. Dam!


Suits is a TV series of a law firm called Pearson & Hartman and the drama that goes on within. The two main actors are Mike Ross and Harvey Spector with Harvey being #2 within the company under Jessica Pearson. Mike Ross never went to college but has an amazing ability to remember something once he has read it and therefore when he stumbles into a Harvard Law interview with Harvey, we blows him away with his knowledge of the law. However, the big secret is that he never went to Harvard and therefore should never be allowed to work for Pearson & Hartman and that is where the juicy part lies. I don’t want to give away any more and spoil the surprise.


Season 1 was incredible but season 2 is even better. There are only six episodes in season 2 with 3 already aired and holy moses I want more! The series has a great appreciation for the law which has always tickled my curiosity and the acting is top notch. I would honestly rate this around a 9/10.

It airs Thursday nights in the states which means Friday night before I head out, I hope to try and catch the episode. This is definitely my favourite series at the moment.

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