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Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know – Old School Computer Remix

Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Music | 0 comments

Ok, now I hate this song, but for a very different reason. However, I can still appreciate the talent behind this little remix with some awesome old technology and computers. This must have taken ages to do, but is absolutely brilliant!

HP Scanjet 3C as the vocals. It lags a bit due to the fast paced vocals. In order for the stepper motor to play a note it has to be moving and with that large carriage it takes a few milli seconds before it can play a note. It doesn’t sound like a lot of time but stretch that over a 4 minute song and voila…out of sync. Programming does help to compensate but it is not perfect.
Amiga 600 Bass on left audio output and Guitar on right audio output
Each audio channel was feed into an oscilloscope
2 Harddrives as the drums and cymbal
Xylophone as the Xylophone (duh) my apologies glockenspiel
Both the Harddrive and Xylophone are controlled by one PIC16F84A mircocontroller

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ISO – No Fire Music Video

Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Music | 0 comments

So yesterday I posted this song as my SOTW and looky look, that very same afternoon they posted the music video!

It is lekker to see some local music pumping and getting some play time. Looking forward to their upcoming album called “Piece by Piece” which is due to be released soon. Find out more info about them on their website. Also, follow them on Twitter, @isoband.

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SOTW: ISO – No Fire

Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Music | 0 comments

Been a few weeks since I posted a Song Of The Week but here we go!

I heard this track a couple weeks ago and really liked it, but over the past two weeks I have heard it cropping up on the radio some more.

A friend is a massive Isochronus fan and has been raving about them for a while but I have never gone and checked them out. I managed to stalk this song down today and I am really glad I did. Some awesome tracks from them!

Someone please explain to me what the band is actually called. On the radio they called them Iso, on the SoundCloud page says the same but I have always heard of them as called Isochronus. Did they shorten it or something?

Anyway, I initially thought it was Owl City who sang this it was of that quality but I was wrong! Awesome to see some local Cape Town guys (I think) getting some good playtime.

How awesome is that!?

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Justin Bieber – Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj Music Video

Posted by on Oct 13, 2012 in Music | 0 comments

Justin Bieber knows how to get all you Bieblers out there ready for a weekend – by dropping his latest single! It is called Beauty and a Beat and has literally JUST been released. When I grabbed this it had 306 views of it.

Got Nicki Minaj on it and it sounds quite catchy actually. Still don’t like his music and especially not this new dubstep/techno route he is going, but hey, teenage girls love him to pieces so he must be doing something right.

Update: I posted this just after 12am on Saturday morning so that would have been Friday afternoon in the states. It had only 306 views then. I checked the next morning and it had over 4 million already! I checked back today and it is at 19.5 million in a weekend!? Holy crap!

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