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Psy Gangnam Style Most Watched Video On YouTube

Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Music | 1 comment

On Thursday I tweeted that Gangnam Style was just 8 million views behind Justin Bieber’s Baby which had reached just over 800 million views. Sometime last night, Gangnam Style claimed the crown and is now the most watched video on YouTube with an incredible 815 million views right now.

Holy crap. 815 million.

I first heard about Gangnam Style when Mike Sharman posted about it and it literally had a hand full of views. The video was uploaded on July 15th and I thought it was awesome then and spread the news but I never expected it to become anywhere near this world wide phenomenon that it is today. Everywhere you go you see people doing the dance and a lot of people even know the words to the song even though they are in Korean!

This is the type of thing that shows that YouTube and social media kick flipping ass!

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