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Google Chrome Features Lady Gaga in New Ad

Posted by on May 26, 2011 in Marketing, Music | 0 comments

Google and Lady Gaga? Not a very likely combination I would agree, but then again, the people over at Google are some seriously smart folks and know what they are doing. Lady Gaga is one of the biggest brands out there and to partner with her means to attach themselves to the type of target market that she has a cult following with.

Who knows, maybe they will advertise with Justin Beiber next? It is a seriously awesome advert though!

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Coldplay in Cape Town – I Am Going!

Posted by on May 12, 2011 in Music | 0 comments

I have been a Coldplay since I first heard of the band when their single called ‘Parachutes‘ came out. I have all the albums and can even play a few of their songs on the drums, so when I heard they were coming to South Africa I tried to keep my eyes open for news about when they were coming and when I could grab tickets.


Obviously when a big band like that comes to South Africa, and Cape Town especially, tickets are always hard to come by. They either sell out virtually instantly, or ComputDicket stuff up royally and things go pear shaped! This time, my sister and I were well prepared. She headed out to stand in the physical line, while I headed up the online route. Tickets went on sale at 9, but since around 8:20 the website was having issues. Anyway, my sister managed to grab the four tickets we were after with only standing in the queue for two and half hours. CompuDicket seriously needs to sort their piece of shit website out!

Coldplay play at the Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday the 5th of October and hopefully I will see YOU there! #excited!

Visit the music category to find out what other artists I have blogged about!

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Denis Leary – Asshole

Posted by on Jan 13, 2011 in Humour, Music | 0 comments

The other day I was going through my gigantic music collection when I came across this wonderful classic!

I’m an asshole!

Folks, I’d like to sing a song about the American dream.
About me, about you, about the way our American hearts beat way down in the bottom of our chests. About the special feeling we get in the cockles of our hearts, maybe below the cockles, maybe in the sub-cockle area, maybe in the liver, maybe in the kidneys, maybe even in the colon. We don’t know!

I’m just a regular Joe with a regular job.
I’m your average white suburbanite slob.
I like football and porno and books about war.
I’ve got an average house with a nice hardwood floor.
My wife and my job, my kids and my car.
My feet on my table and a Cuban cigar.

But sometimes that just ain’t enough to keep a man like me interested (oh no) no way (uh-uh). No, I’ve gotta go out and have fun at someone else’s expense.
(oh yeah) yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

I drive really slow in the ultra-fast lane,
While people behind me are going insane.
I’m an asshole (He’s an asshole, what an asshole)
I’m an asshole (He’s an asshole, such an asshole)

I use public toilets and piss on the seat,
I walk around in the summertime saying “How about this heat?”
I’m an asshole (He’s an asshole, what an asshole)
I’m an asshole (He’s the world’s biggest asshole)

Sometimes I park in handicapped spaces,
While handicapped people make handicapped faces.
I’m an asshole (He’s an asshole, what an asshole)
I’m an asshole (He’s a real fucking asshole)

Maybe I shouldn’t be singing this song
Ranting and raving and carrying on
Maybe they’re right when they tell me I’m wrong

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Lonely Island – I Just Had Sex Video

Posted by on Dec 23, 2010 in Humour, Music | 0 comments

The Lonely Island – I Just Had Sex Video

This song is quite cheesy and fairly stupid, but it is dam catchy! I really enjoyed their first album, and after hearing this first single, I think I will enjoy their second one as well!

It has got Akon on the track with Jessica Alba and Blake Lively from Gossip Girl in it, so these boys are managing to get some big names on board!

The video has already clocked up over 11 million views after being live only just over a week! Nice going guys! I JUST HAD SEX!

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Locnville – There Music Video

Posted by on Jun 2, 2010 in Cape Town, Music | 0 comments

So Locnville have released their third single and I was a little surpised to see that it was the song called “There”. There were a few others that I thought would have been better, but once I saw the music video and the vibe that they are going for, I must admit, I think Locnville have made a smart move. I love seeing Cape Town people set the standards for success!

They seem to be building onto the success of Sun in my pocket as well as 6 Second Poison. Check it out below!

Very nice!

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Happy Birthday to you Benjizzle

Posted by on May 27, 2010 in Cape Town, Music | 0 comments

Purely for the fact that Lynsay is going to be extremely cross with me if I don’t do this before, but I must make a disclaimer that this is not really my idea, but rather borrowed from a friend without permission. Thanks Lynsay! :)

Aah, Mr Benjizzle. Yes, that is what I am calling you from now on, just deal with it. You must now accept the fact that life, is slowly (extremely slowly might I add), coming to a grinding hault. The life is draining from you, I and those around us, while we ride into the Sunset. Aah, the joyous times we have shared, and memories we have created! What a fantastic time we have had my friend.

There were moments when my side begged in agony for me to stop laughing, and I was held randsom for air by your jokes. There were also the many moments of awkward jokes shared, were neither of us quite got what the other was saying, or the ridiculous arguments we shared, purely to disagree with the other for some entertainment. These, my friend were the glorious day. Now, as I write this I reminious on those stupendous days my good friend. The days were I had to see your face every morning in almost every class.

Now, my friend, we have come to a very special time in our lives. You are on your last breath, your last steps, your last moments, of being 18 AND IT”S TIME TO CELEBRATE!!!



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