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Blink 182 – Neighborhoods New Album

Posted by on Oct 3, 2011 in Music | 0 comments

Blink 182′s new album, Neighborhood, was released about a week ago, and I got my hands on it as soon as I could. Dude, what an amazballs album! This album has it all.

This is the first new material heard from the group since their 2005 break up and the release of their Greatest Hits album. With hype like that, the boys had to deliver and not only did they do that, they left bits of my brain on the ceiling as my mind was literally blown away.

This album is amazing. Literally. It is the sound of +44, Angels and Airwaves and Box Car Racer all rolled into one album with some original blink awesomeness attached to it. I might be just a tad biased here, but hey, who cares? When something is awesome, don’t hide from it. Don’t fight it, just embrace what it truely is, and that my dear friends, is truely genius.

I will leave you with the first two singles off the album. Prepare to have your ears and genitals tickled at the same time by some seriously awesome soundwaves.

Blink 182 – Up All Night

Blink 182 – Heart’s All Gone

My favourite tracks are Up All Night, Heart’s All Gone, After Midnight & Wishing Well.

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Deadmau5 Tickets – Cape Town, JHB, Durban

Posted by on Oct 3, 2011 in Cape Town, Music | 20 comments

With all the deadmau5 craze going on lately, it is a bit crazy to keep up with all the details going down in the hizzle. With the Deadmau5 SA tour dates confirmed the other day, peeps were going off their rocker wanting to buy Deadmau5 tickets!

The wait is finally over kiddies! Deadmau5 tickets for Cape Town, Joburg and Durban are available on Computicket!

Lets not all go rushing onto the website causing the site to go down because then we can’t share all the love for everyone by allowing peeps to buy tickets easily. Orderly fashion people!

Deadmau5 ticket info:

Ratanga Junction  Cape Town

General Access Pre Sale  R300
General Access Door – R350
VIP Pre Sale  R400
VIP Door  R500

Wavehouse – Durban  (unhooked) 

General Access Pre Sale  R300
General Access Door – R350

Wild Waters H20

General Access Pre Sale R330
General Access Door – R380
VIP Pre Sale R430
Vip Door  R480
V-VIP  R1500

An expense that is going to be well worth it for a night that is literally going to blow your nipples skyward! The next question that I must ask all music lovers out there is who should be part of the deadmau5 support line up!? Since the Deadmau5 SA Tour was confirmed, I have been asking if we have some local talent that we can get out for the world to see. Who would you guys rate to blow the roof off the evening from the start?

Let’s leave you with a treat shall we?

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Deadmau5 SA Tour Dates Confirmed

Posted by on Sep 30, 2011 in Cape Town, Music | 0 comments

Deadmau5 SA Tour Dates Confirmed

I mentioned the other day that there will be a Deamau5 SA Tour happening this year, and eish does the hype seem to be building up already! Peeps exploded and wet their pants with excitement while their nipples got hard at the fact that the tour was confirmed for later this year.

As soon as the first Deadmau5 video was released, okes wanted to book tickets, but hold your horses ladies and gents. Tickets are not on sale yet, and the tour dates are not even confirmed yet….

Oh….wait….whats that we hear? The Deadmau5 tour dates are confirmed?



Deadmau5 in Cape Town on 1 December, Durban on 2 December & Johannesburg on 3 December. Holy moses! Those are 3 nights of some SeRioUS partying going down! So where are these awesomely epic moments of outrageousnessness going to happen you might ask my funky music lovers?

The Deadmau5 Shows:

  • Cape Town – Ratanga Junction
  • Durban – The Wavehouse
  • Joburg – H2O Wild Waters
Deadmau5 Tickets go on sale on Monday 3 October on Computicket.
Those are some wicked venues for you to just go crazy and let your shit completely hit the fan is the most awesomely way possible.
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KoRN – Get Up! Ft Skrillex

Posted by on Sep 29, 2011 in Music | 0 comments

Most people smaak more than one genre of beats I am sure? Now, what happens when two of your favourite genres come together and collide so spectacularly that you have no other option but to suck your thumb and chance your pants? Yea, exactly.

Meet, KoRNstep.

That is an artistic blend of heavy metal and dubstep – also known as pure AWESOMENESS!

Yea, that is Korn AND Skrillex on one song. Yes, I know your bum hole is on fire because you can’t contain yourself with excitement right now. Here, take this tub of ice cream and go sit in it. Korn and Skrillex. Eish bra, met eish.

Korn’s new album, “The Path of Totality” is due to hit stores on December the 5th. Can you say most awesome xmas gift ever!?

Will this spurn the birth of more l337 speak? STFUGU!

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Deadmau5 confirms 2011 SA tour

Posted by on Sep 28, 2011 in Music | 5 comments

Dude, Coldplay play next month, and David Guetta a few weeks after that. How is that for some sweet deals going down in Cape Town!? Now things are getting even better. Forget Christmas, your musical presents are arriving in October my little precious audiophiles!

Deadmau5 has just confirmed that he will be touring SA later this year! CHA! How you like dem apples Cape Town!?

It smaaks like he will be playing some of his latest tracks from his new album, 4×4=12 such as Raise Your Weapon. Boom! Deadmau5 in Cape Town, South Africa! Cha, now that is going to rock your socks off!I just hope Big Concerts don’t organise it!

Watch Raise Your Weapon below:

P.S How sick is the costume head that he performs in?

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