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How to Fix Skype Outage

Posted by on May 26, 2011 in Computers-Hardware | 1 comment


skype-logoSkype has been done for most of today for me and this is immensely frustrastrating! How am I meant to talk to my chommies and organise my plans for the weekend!? Cha not cool bru!

Some people were tuning Microsoft for finally completing their take over with one user tweeting: Skype is down and so is their website. Microsoft must have completed its take over!

So you want to carry on talking to your girl or what ever. Here is how to fix the Skype error on your windows machine.

Windows XP

  • Close Skype.
  • Right-click the Skype icon in the system tray (at the bottom right of the screen)
  • Choose Quit.
  • Ensure that “Show hidden files and folders” is switched on.
  • Click Start and then Run…
  • Type control folders and click OK.
  • Select the View tab and ensure relevant entry is enabled.
  • Locate the shared.xml file.
  • Click Start and then Run…
  • Type %appdata%\skype and click OK.
  • Delete the shared.xml file.
  • Restart Skype. The shared.xml file will be recreated.

Simple as that!

Click here to fix it on your Mac or Linux.


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PC For Sale

Posted by on Mar 2, 2010 in Computers-Hardware | 2 comments

So a mate of mine is looking to sell his pc before me moves over to America :( so I thought I would help him out. I think the pc offers great value for money, and is quite a decent gaming pc. The pc ran everything smoothly when we used to lan, but that still didn’t stop him from getting his ass kicked by me everytime ;)

He is moving fairly soon you if you want to get your hands on this baby you need to act fast!! It is not going to last long!

Here are the specs:

  • 250 GB Harddrive
  • 2GB Ram DDR 800
  • Core 2 Duo (@ 2.53GHz)
  • 9600 GT Geforce
  • 5.1 Soundcard

Extras (What comes with PC):

  • USB Optical Mouse
  • USB Keyboard
  • 17 inch LED Monitor
  • 5.1 Surround Sound Logitech Speakers
  • 3 Year Warranty (1.5 years left)

“This PC has run all the games I’ve ever played on high graphics without a cost to performance, including:
Prototype, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect & more.
The reason I am selling my pc is because I am getting a laptop instead, for business purporses.
This PC has also been recently serviced & everything checked out to make sure it’s in prime condition.”

PRICE: R6 500

You can either leave a comment below with regards to any questions or queries you have, or you can give him a call on 0769077088.

PC Pic 1 PC Pic 2

PC Pic 3

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Another Nokia #FAIL

Posted by on Jan 31, 2010 in Computers-Hardware, My life, Technology | 1 comment

I am seriously fed up with how useless my Nokia N78 is. It is horrible.

I mentioned a while about about all of my problems with the phone, and things are getting worse. I decided to upgrade the firmware on the phone after discovering my phone was 9 versions behind.

After eating all my airtime I managed to finally upgrade a few versions. I think to v15 from v12, but I am not 100% sure. I simply got too fed up to check. I then decided to upgrade using my PC and downloading the update off the Internet, but that didn’t help me either. After downloading the 30MB file, and attempting to install it, I found out that the Nokia Software Updater does not support Windows 7. #FAIL.

After upgrading the firmware as well, things went further down hill. The phone now brings up its own menu’s randomly some times, and I really do not like the little changes that they have made. Surely if you are going to release a newer version of software, the goal is to make it better? No? NO! Not in Nokia’s case. I am going to cook myself from the inside as my blood is boiling so much because of this stupid phone!


You would be contributing to the improvement of my health!


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Apple iPad Parady

Posted by on Jan 28, 2010 in Computers-Hardware, Humour | 0 comments

So with the release of the brand new Apple iPad yesterday, the entire internet has been buzzing with news, reviews and opinions from all corners.

Here is something to take the edge off all the hype and constant news from it:

Mad TV have some simply brilliant skits.

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My New Graphics Card: Radeon HD4850

Posted by on Nov 22, 2009 in Computers-Hardware | 1 comment

I had been looking at buying a few new parts for my pc as I was so fed up with the lag and limitations of my aging machine. I deemed it was finally time for the good ol’ betty to get that upgrade.

I had saved for a while, and during all this time I was constantly following the trends, but by doing this I ended up getting myself completely confused about what to get! In the end I was so fed up and decided I needed some retail therapy. I might have rushed into a decision because of this, but hey, you only live once so who really cares?

I ended up choosing this bad boy:

Radeon 4850

Radeon 4850

I snapped it up for just over 1k which is basically a steal if you compare it to the 2.5k that it cost when it first came out. Aah, the joys of having a new series released and the attempts to try and sell the old stock :) I am really happy with this card and can play all games on full graphics that I have tried. I am running on a 19″ monitor so the resolution is big enough for me, but it also means that the card can handle it perfectly :)

The actual card

The actual card

I am looking forward to grabbing hold of some new games such as Modern Warfare 2 as well as Left 4 Dead 2! I want to see how my baby handles those new releases :) I would recommend one of those cards to someone looking for a decent cheap upgrade. It has an HDMI port on it as well so it really is a great buy.

What a change from my 7600GT!

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