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Justin Bieber Cape Town 2013?

Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Cape Town | 6 comments

Woah! Hold your horses. So 5FM was going crazy this morning with news that Justin Bieber is coming to Cape Town/South Africa in 2013.

I would like to pop all you over-excited teenage girls bubbles with the news that his tour IS NOT confirmed yet. Some twat over at Big Concerts made some comment that it COULD be possible for him to come and perform two shows in 2013. Nothing is confirmed but yet everyone is running around like crazy children at the thought of this!

Calm the frikkedel down! No I have no clue if I spelled that correctly but I am in a fight of rage and far too busy plotting of menacing ways to ruin the Cape Town concert if he does perform here.

“And I was like baby, bab”… Stab, stab, stab!

Why don’t you rather listen to some local is lekker music like Dirk Van Der Westhuizen

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Metallica Coming To Cape Town 2013

Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in Cape Town | 1 comment

Today there have been some pretty strong rumours running around that Metallica are heading back to Cape Town in early 2013. It looks like it is going to be April 24 for Cape Town and so far it is only confirmed in this post. They were previously here in 2006 for Coke Fest and I was seriously bummed I didn’t get to see them, but this time I won’t make the same mistake.


Here is what is mentioned on the the post linked to above.

Tickets go on sale for the Johannesburg show on Wednesday, November 21 at 9:00 am local time and for the Cape Town show on Thursday, November 22, also at 9:00 am local time

Click for the news on the official Metallia website.

I am seriously keen! I am not sure if I will splash out for Golden Circle, but after Linkin Park being here and Lady Gaga and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers coming soon, I am out of my pants with excitement!

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Toll Me Maybe

Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in Cape Town | 0 comments

I know this is another parody but at least this one is a local one. With the news last week that e-tolls are going to be happening around the country, I think this warrants the video. Not great, but still funny :P

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Riaan Cruywagen Is Retiring After 37 Years

Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Cape Town | 0 comments

After 7000 years and 37 billion broadcasts…errr…hold on. Sorry, 37 years and 7000 broadcasts later, Riaan “I Never Age” Cruywagen is finally retiring.

So I got my maths a bit wrong there. It is just that it feels like this legend has been reading the Afrikaans news for centuries. Literally. Well not quite.

I wonder if that is still the same wig, I mean hairstyle, that he used in his first broadcast. Legend!

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WordCamp Cape Town 2012

Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Cape Town | 0 comments

This month there are a number of conferences similar to Digital Edge but this one has a twist. This one is focused solely on the awesomeness that is WordPress.

WordPress is what this blog is made with and it is honestly the most amazing content platform that I have ever come across. The power and how easy it is to customize make it a step above the rest. In fact, all the websites that I have built have been built on WordPress.

Some of the speakers include:

This one is also going to be a goody, but since I am more interested in digital marketing at the moment, I am going to have to sway towards Digital Edge on this one.

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