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Druken Hockey Practice

Posted by on May 13, 2009 in Cape Town, Humour, My life | 0 comments

So tonight I ventured down to practice for my club hockey side. I play for the 5th side, and for our Wednesday night practice’s we combine with the 4th side to get some more numbers, and to challenge the placings a bit.

After most of the side had had a quick warm up in the bar upstairs before practice, we started a mini game situation. All was going well until the 4th team captain or coach, or who ever he was pitched and decided to run things. He suggested we start off giving the keeper a work out with which we all agreed and started the drill.

This is where the fun begins… This guy was completed trashed. He challenged us to get ten goals in five minutes. Now, that is not very hard for even the worst of sides as you are taking loads of shots in five minutes. We started to bang them in, and then started to giggle as this guy could hardly control the ball, and couldn’t count properly.

Things just got funnier and funnier for all of us until we had worn out the joke and decided to return to our little game situation from earlier. Not something we should be laughing at, but still funny none the less.

I have never had something like that before. Any of you had any crazy stories like that to share?

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Veterens Threathen Militant Action Against Zille

Posted by on May 13, 2009 in Cape Town, Politics | 2 comments


The Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association has threatened to render the Western Cape ungovernable if its Premier Helen Zille continues “insulting” newly-elected President Jacob Zuma.

“Should Helen Zille not refrain from this anti-African and racist behaviour, we are not going to hesitate, but craft and launch a political programme aimed at rendering the Western Cape ungovernable,” MKMVA chairperson Kebby Maphatsoe said in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

Maphatsoe said this was not intended to send the wrong message to the world, but that veterans could not sit back while Zille cast disdain on Zuma’s cultural preferences.

He was reacting to Zille’s comment that Zuma put his wives at risk of Aids as he had unprotected sex with an HIV-positive woman.

The MKMVA’s deputy secretary Ramatuku Maphutha said the association would mobilise soldiers in the Western Cape to go to Zille’s office sometime next week if she did not retract her statement.

“They are always ready [the soldiers]. It’s either she [Zille] vacates the office, or co-operates. We are prepared to sleep there if need be until we get an impressive response,” said Ramatuku.

The veterans congratulated all elected public representatives in the provincial legislatures and parliament, particularly Defence and Military Veterans Minister Lindiwe Sisulu and her deputy Thabang Makwetla. – Sapa

[via: iol]

Is this a joke!? How can anyone want to leave this country with such entertaining politics?

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Next Year…Help!

Posted by on May 10, 2009 in Cape Town, My life | 0 comments

I have been thinking about what to do next year for ages now. Well I guess it all depends on if I pass matric or not, but hopefully I will. :P

I have always been very interested in the I.T world and followed a few blogs for many years now. I have also written for some eSports websites, so I don’t consider myself a complete n00b in the field. Now I am pretty sure that I want to go into the I.T field when I am out of school, but what to study, and what to specialize in? Some very good questions…

I went to the UCT open day yesterday. Firstly I must say that the day was pretty poorly organised. There was a lecture in the science faculty with regards to Computer Science at 12. It was only a 15 minute lecture, but then there was an Information Systems lecture in the commerce faculty at 12:15. The women in Computer Science ran over time so I arrived about five minutes late for the second lecture. Surely they should plan things better that people looking at similar courses can look at both without having to run around like a headless chicken!

Anyway, enough ranting. I am still not sure what I want to study. Information grabs my fancy a bit more as I think I would enjoy focusing on applying computers into a business environment. On the other hand, computer science does sound far more fun, but more challenging. I need 49 points for it though… :/ Another negative of Information Systems is that I would have to do accounting and economics. I can’t stand those, and I dropped them in grade 10 as soon as I could!

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Do You Have Swine Flu?

Posted by on May 3, 2009 in Cape Town, Humour | 0 comments

With the world wide panic that is accompanying the spread of swine flu, I found this website which provides you with the vital information with regards to the symptoms of Swine Flu.

There have now been cased reported all over the world, and even one here in Cape Town! Not cool! Head on over to the site to have a look, and see if that plain cold that you think you have is more serious…

Click here to visit the website.

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Swine Flu Hits South Africa

Posted by on Apr 29, 2009 in Cape Town | 0 comments

Two suspected cases of swine flu have been reported in South Africa, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases said on Wednesday.

Deputy director Lucille Blumberg said the first, which became known on Monday, was a woman from the Western Cape who travelled extensively in Mexico earlier this month.

She was in contact with the people there while using trains and buses.

The woman was ill with flu-like symptoms on her return to South Africa on April 24, Blumberg said.

A general practitioner who treated the woman last Saturday did consider swine flu as a possible diagnosis.

She was given anti-viral treatment and sent home.

The woman was fine now.

The specimen taken from her was not stored appropriately, which meant a laboratory assessment to confirm the case could not be done.

“(But) she fits the case definitely,” said Blumberg.

The second suspected case which the institute became aware of on Wednesday concerned a woman in Gauteng.

Not many details were known about the woman, although she was known to have returned from Mexico with a flu-like illness.

“She is not particularly ill,” said Blumberg.

No confirmed cases of swine flu have been identified in South Africa.

[via: news24]

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