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I am Struggling!

Posted by on Mar 10, 2010 in Cape Town, My life | 0 comments

So as I said previously, my aim is to be involved somehow with the SA blog awards this year, and to do this I was going to try and post daily. Unfortunately with work this has slipped lately as I have been hecticly busy and not had the time or energy to do any posts!

I am struggling! So please bare with me as I continue my efforts to post daily as well as keep you entertained! I know I need to write some more entertaining, interesting and engaging content, and I promise that will come as soon as I can find some time! Hopefully I can clear out a backlog of posts for the week ahead and that will take care of things!

If I don’t post enough for your liking let me know! Or if you are not interested in reading a long post, then you can follow captain awesome on twitter!

Sorry my precise readers, but I will try make more of an effort over the next few weeks!

Also feel free to drop me any news you feel worthy of a blog post, by emailing me on info[at] or on twitter @jbigmac

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Cape Town Clams Down On Traffic Violations

Posted by on Mar 4, 2010 in Cape Town | 0 comments



Province and city launch blitz on seatbelt, number plate compliance and cell phone use

Immediate release: Wednesday, 03 March 2010

Minister of Community Safety, Lennit Max and City of Cape Town Mayco member, JP Smith will today launch a 30 day blitz on seatbelt and number plate compliance, and cell phone usage while driving.

At 13h00 today, Minister Max and Transport Minister Robin Carlisle will travel in separate Ghost Squad police cars to personally observe the operation.

Over the next month, a team constituted of provincial and City of Cape Town traffic officials will conduct a variety of mini-blitzes throughout the metropole to clampdown on the three traffic offences.

The CoCT processed 1874 number plate offences, 661 cell phone offences and 3034 safety belt offences in January.

Minister Carlisle said: “The blitz is the first of a rollout of special traffic enforcement operations for 2010 under the banner of the provincial government’s Safely Home campaign which aims to halve road fatalities in the province by 2014. The province and city are determined to avoid the spike in road carnage of recent years.”

Minister Max was emphatic that the blitz will help change perceptions about seatbelt compliance.

“Many motorists only wear a seatbelt to avoid a fine or arrest. We want motorists to buckle up because they can save lives by simply wearing their seatbelts. Too many lives have been lost on our roads due to human negligence. Research shows that we can reduce road fatalities by at least 30% by enforcing seatbelt compliance”.

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100 Days to Go!

Posted by on Mar 2, 2010 in Cape Town, Sport | 4 comments

There are only 100 days to go! Hectic stuff! Soon, the greatest sporting event on Earth will be on our shores and tourists will be everywhere! I am quite stoked!

Are you guys excited?

I want your opinion on what is going to be good, bad, ugly, a success, a gigantic failure! Leave all your opinions below!

How far do you think Bafana can make it?

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Tamar Peroni Yacht Cruise Pics

Posted by on Mar 1, 2010 in Cape Town, My life | 2 comments

So on Saturday evening we celebrated the birthday of the company, Tamar, which turned 15. We celebrated it by going on the Peroni Yacht  from the V&A Waterfront around the coastline and stopping at Clifton, where the Cape Talk moonstruck concert was happening. It was a vibe and a really enjoyable experience. I took a few pictures, but unfortunately it is only with my phone so please bare with me.

Please enjoy the awesome vibe that is Cape Town.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Tamar Yacht PicTamar Yacht Pic 2

Tamar Yacht Pic 3Tamar Yacht Pic 4

Tamar Yacht Pic 5Tamar Yacht Pic 6

Tamar Yacht Pic 7Tamar Yacht Pic 8

Tamar Yacht Pic 9Tamar Yacht Pic 10

Tamar Yacht Pic 11

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Help Sponsor Me Please!

Posted by on Feb 24, 2010 in Cape Town, Marketing, My life, Web | 8 comments

Yes, I am completely shameless.

I need YOUR help.

I am looking to do the Quirk eMarketing Course, but unfortunately it is WAY out of my budget. It costs roughly R6700 which is more than I earn a month!

Here is where you come in! :)

I am looking for any form of sponsorship for this. Be it half, 25%, 10% what ever. Something that helps bring down the cost for me to something that I can actually afford! I know this is a HUGE ask but I really want to do this and the entries close on the 26th February which is this Friday!


I am willing to negotiate with people and do things in return such as advertising, helping with your website, what ever you can think of!

I really am relying on help from you! Not the person next to you, or across from you, but YOU!

Please email me if you want to discuss this further and make my day! Please let me know if you know of anyone that could possibly help me out even just slightly!

Email: jbigmac(at)

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