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Kia Competition – The Power to Surprise

Posted by on May 20, 2010 in Cape Town, Cars | 0 comments

What’s that? Yes? You want to what? You want to go to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Aah, don’t we all (daydreams of such blissful moments).

Wait… That reminds me. You actually can. With Kia who has “The Power to Surprise”. See what I did there? Ja, I know you like it. Gosh, don’t distract me like that. Back to the juicy details!

“The Kia Experience is a global campaign whereby 12 bloggers from across the world have been invited to travel to South Africa for 4 adventure filled days which includes a ticket to watch a 2010 FIFA World Cup ™ game and a Kia test drive to Magaliesburg with Kia’s latest surprise.

You are probably thinking, “Hmmm now that sounds pretty decent”. Decent is not the word I would use, but rather AWESOME! A chance to experience the greatest showpiece on Earth in our native South Africa for FREE as well as testing out the awesome Kia … Aah…I almost gave it away there! Naughty!

That definitely sounds like the Kia Experience is going to rock your socks right off!

Ok, OK! Enough of me giving you the boring details of how you can also win a Sony Cybershot Camera, and a copy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ South Africa PS3 EA Game.

Instead, why don’t you head off to the Kia competition page and get entering! Go, go, GO!

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Help Save The Cape Town Ballet

Posted by on Apr 14, 2010 in Cape Town, Sport | 4 comments

This is a plee to help save something of beauty in Cape Town: The Cape Town Ballet

The Cape Town Ballet has really been struggling of late, and many think that Ballet is a dying art form. It has definitely taken a back seat with kids becoming far lazier in recent years, and with the invention of new technology and gaming consoles, kids are not bothered about becoming active and embracing such an art form.

Kids today would rather sit on their behind and play video games or watch TV than take on such a beautiful thing as dance in general. With this, the Cape Town Ballet has started to suffer, and they are in serious financial support.

This is not something that can just disappear and be forgotten. This is an art form, and something that is beautiful, delicate, elegant and something that needs to be preserved at all costs. I would go further than saying this is just a hobby or sport for some, but rather an educational experience watching Ballet.

I am a guy and do not particularly find any interest in Ballet, but I still think it is an awesome thing. Such grace and elegance is required, and it can educate you in the art of hard work, discipline and fill your life with colour and beauty.

Here is my request:

I challenge and beg you to donate towards this worthy cause. Save the Cape Town Ballet, and save a piece of Cape Town’s beautiful heritage, and provide people with the avenue to express theirselves.

save the cape town ballet

I challenge you to match my donation of R100! The bigger the better! We are looking for 100 000′s of Rands, so we really do need some big donations!

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Happy Birthday To ME

Posted by on Apr 9, 2010 in Cape Town, My life | 0 comments

So it is my birthday today! Awesome!

Just thought I would try and bring some light to a very dark and wet Cape Town!

So this makes Captain Awesome the very old and fragile (how I feel this morning ;) ) 19. Crickey I am getting old! I need to start considering what I am going to do with my pension and which old age home I am going to stay in soon! I better start scouting!

I am busy singing happy birthday to myself in my head, but not very loudly as my head might explode! I got another toy from McDonald’s from Robin for my birthday! I will post a pic soon!

Happy birthday to me! My party is on Saturday! Sunday is going to be a very difficult day!

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Ignore Julius Initiative

Posted by on Apr 6, 2010 in Cape Town, Politics | 0 comments

Julius Malema has exploded into political… prominence… by making himself hard to ignore. Inheriting a platform that drew attention to the accidental outrages he tripped into, he quickly learned to stoke outrage and roar back at any responses he provoked. For the media, trying to gauge the state of the nation’s health from moment to moment, this makes him a much more attractive candidate than the business-as-usual official announcements of the ruling party proper. But Malema’s sound and fury signify nothing, and his disproportionate voice in South Africa’s public conversation is only hurting our ability to speak to one another, and to speak sense when we do. We think it’s time to ignore Julius, and invite you to join us.

For the week of 7-14 April 2010, we undertake to talk about this country, its challenges, its promise, its news, and to ignore Julius while doing so. Join us in this initiative. If you blog, join the roll. If you Tweet, add the hashtag #ignoreJulius to your daily output.
However you communicate, take a week off from Julius.

Here is the list of blogs that are participating in this initiative:

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Things To Do With Local Cap

Posted by on Apr 5, 2010 in Cape Town, Web | 6 comments

Here is a fantastic list of things to do when your international cap has run out and all you have left is local cap. The list is courtesy of The Local List. I have just got my uncapped account from Open Web and I am absolutely loving it! I pity those that don’t have this luxury!

So list is quite out of date, but most of it seems to be still up and running. I haven’t actually linked to the sites as that would just be crazy from an SEO point of view, but all you need to do is simply copy the link into your address bar and away you go!



Computers / IT / Tech:


Internet / ADSL / ISP


Bulletin Boards / Forums:

Maps / Travel / Motoring:

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