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Silicon Valley Season 1 Trailer

Posted by on Feb 24, 2014 in Technology | 0 comments

The nerd parts of my brain are tingling after watching the trailer for this! This is the first look at the upcoming Silicon Valley series that will be airing on HBO from April. This is the latest project from the “office space” creator Mike Judge. Doesn’t look particularly accurate, but it does look amusing :)

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How Men & Women Watch Porn

Posted by on Feb 23, 2014 in General | 0 comments

I love it when I get lost in the internet, browsing page after page as time floats by with me blissfully unaware of the hours passing. I tend to do this quite often and before I know it, I am alarmed at the number of tabs I have open and what time it is.

I somehow managed to stumble across this infographic from Cosmo and found it to be quite interesting. The results were quite a bit different than what I had imagined for some reason – not sure why I had pictured something different.


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