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Feb Challenge Review

Posted by on Mar 15, 2013 in Cape Town | 0 comments

So this ended up being rolled into two months because I actually enjoyed this challenge.

During Feb my challenge was to not drink. Nothing – not a drop of booze at all. I thought this was going to be tough to be honest because I like a nice cold beer here and there and I enjoy unwinding with mates with some drinks.

Anyway, Feb zoomed by and I almost didn’t notice it. It wen’t by so smoothly that I actually decided to do it for the March as well. So far I have only had one blip during the 6 weeks, but I think you are allowed an exception to your self made¬†exile¬†when your best mate is graduating. Great, thanks for agreeing with me.

March will carry on and I am sure it will carry on smoothly. So far I am 4.5kgs down this year and feeling good and I think the no booze has helped add a little bit of focus to things.

I need a challenge for April though? Any thoughts?

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A Month!?

Posted by on Mar 15, 2013 in Cape Town | 0 comments

Sweet Breezy Daddy has been gone for a long time. I see I have left you puppies along for almost a full month all on your own. I feel like that irresponsible Uncle that is meant to be looking after the kids for the week but ends up in Vegas with strippers and unwanted sores all over my body.

Right. Enough nonsense. I am back and I expect you to be prepared. Work has had me tied up but I am lovely it. But, I know I am in the wrong and I am prepared for my spanking.

Stay Tuned.

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New Job: Head of Inbound Marketing at iMod Digital

Posted by on Feb 18, 2013 in My life | 1 comment

New Job: Head of Inbound Marketing at iMod Digital


As you might have seen on both LinkedIn as well as Facebook, that I have recently changed jobs. I am no longer working for Shake Interactive, but have now made the jump to iMod Digital.

At iMod Digital I will be taking the role of Head of Inbound Marketing where I will be diving deep into client strategy from both an SEO perspective but also from a full scale digital marketing perspective. These days this combination of earned media such as SEO and digital marketing is often combined to be called inbound marketing due to the organic nature of the online rewards for your efforts, both on, and off the web.

I joined at the start of February but things have been a little hectic and that is why I am only writing this post now. I jumped right in and Chris allowed me to get my hands into the cookie jar right from day 1. I have really been craving this far more hands on approach with client work for quite some time now and it is quite invigorating being able to get things chance. I have had to be quite patient in waiting for the timing to be right for both iD as well as myself, but finally the time has come.

So far so good and the first two weeks have been busy but fun and rewarding. 5pm is sneaking up on me again rather than dragging out and it is refreshing. There is a really talented team in place already and they all seem to gel really well.

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