So you want to find out a little bit about who the man is behind the Captain? Simple, just keep reading.

Age: 21

Music: Largely punk rock and a bit of heavy metal. I play the drums and therefore can listen to anything with some drums and guitar in it. Music is a big part of my life and try to listen to as much different music as possible – except dubstep.

Interests: Music, hockey, football, Manchester United, cars, technology in general, massive series junky, entrepreneurship and the start up scene.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa – the most beautiful city on earth.

Profession: By day, I am an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) and by night, well, the same thing as well as further being a geek. I also enjoy gaming, and a few other side projects such as my infographic gallery.

Purpose of this blog: I wanted a space to write down any thought that I wanted and have a site where I could test and play with different SEO methods. This blog became the mix and match that it is today simply as time went on and the different phases of my life came and went.

So there you have it. That is Captain Awesome in short.

If you have any questions or feel that I have missed something vital then get in contact with me using this page, or the social buttons in the top right. Looking forward to hearing back from you!