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Jissus! Kykie how are you people doing?

I had completely forgotten about you. Yep, I will admit it with a pang in my mellow dramatic, over-the-top theatrical state, that I genuinely neglected my first baby.

I am not going to make promises like the last time, but this time, I am going to set myself a challenge. A challenge to blog every day for the next 30 days. This isn’t something done for you, but something done for me, and me alone. My Batman without Robin type of moment.

My blog month challenge, if you will, will simply comprise of 30, quite often pointless, but daily posts. Yes these posts will include weekends – shock horror!

YEEEEE HAAAAH! Let’s do this!


That is me channeling my inner Riaan so that I can bring you the news of my life for 30, probably boring as hell days. Jissus.


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