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Capetonians are traditioanlly fickle people that often moan about not having anything to do on the weekend. We hate driving more than 15 minutes and are tired of doing the traditional touristy things such as wine tasting and heading to the coast. Ag, what a tough time we have it here.

Fear no more people! Acrobranch have recently opened in Constantia and for some ungodly reason, a mate decided to drag me Ziplining. Why would anyone in their right mind want to dangle from above the tree tops while engaging in movement that causes an increased heart rate and sweat!? Urg. Lazy.

Well, after finally kicking and screaming, I am now one of those mad men that want to do it again. I felt like I was born in the wild and was reborn as Action Man. Ripped.

Check those guns.



It isn’t as hectic as it sounds, and while you do swing from tree to tree using nothing but rope and a little clip to keep your from splattering to the ground in spectacular fashion, it is a shit ton of fun to put it bluntly.

At first, I nearly needed a change of underwear when I saw how high up it was, but as soon as I got going I didn’t even think about the height again, until my cruel friend asked, “aren’t you terrified of heights”. At that moment, not only did I feel like Tarzan ready to rescue Jane, but I felt like a combination of Spiderman and Superman. I was pumped and ready to swing on those ropes like a Monkey man flying towards the most glorious Banana try ever known.

We did have one or two falls and sticky moments, but that is what made it awesome – the Blue Course, the toughest one, was a challenge and made for some seriously good laughs. The instructor was awesome and really did make you feel safe and at ease, especially for the few of us that were seriously worried about the height and were practically glued to the first tree that we could hug. For only R180 bucks for a good two hours and a decent work out, it was well worth it! I can highly recommend it if you want to feel like a Spiderpig while you swing from tree to tree.

Oh, did I mention that there are three different courses which had kids & adults of all ages on it. There was a kids birthday party of around 7 year olds doing the easy course and they were loving it!

The only crisisim that I have is that there wasn’t any James Bond music playing as you fly through the air during the last Zipline. Don’t forget the Michael Bay type explosions in the background – now that would be some movie shit.

If you don’t believe me, check this out. Just ignore the crap quality.


Action Man, out!



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