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There has been a lot of hallabelu this last week about companies rejecting Apple Pay and instead opting to use their own dingus instead. Not only did Walmart’s get hacked within the first week, it just doesn’t seem like these companies have thought much about this. Anyway, over the last two months I have seen this bloody annoying logo EVERYWHERE.


That is the logo for local mobile payments company SnapScan. I didn’t even give them a chance as often these products are slow, buggy and just plain shit to be honest. Sometimes local is not lekker. Recently, however, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first Rocking The Daisies festival – don’t worry, more to come on that soon – but they finally managed to convince me to sign up to SnapScan. Nearly all stalls would be supporting it they said, and it negated the need to have cash money dolla on hand.


Anyway, after not really having the need to use it due to us catering like a mofo, I didn’t get to test it out in the end. So, today I went to Primi Piatti at the Waterfront and when the bill arrived, I noticed that they supported SnapScan. Being nerdy and all, I jumped at the chance to try it out in a more real world situation. It was seriously simple and chop, chop and it was done. No seriously – it was like lightning.

  1. Open App.
  2. Scan QR code on bill instantly
  3. Enter your security PIN

That is it – nothing else needed. It honestly took me about 20 seconds to pay and it probably loaded faster than the card machine. The other advantage was that I handled the entire transaction myself, rather than handing my card to the waiter. #Winning. Did I also mention that I didn’t even need to get my wallet out?


I was super impressed and will definitely be using that instead of my card when I have the chance. Big ups to SnapScan – sometimes local can be so very lekker. Oh, also big up to Primi Piatti for supporting this awesome tech. Woop woop!

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