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Reviving The Opel Brand Press Release

Nostalgia can be good and bad for automakers. Look too far back and you’ll lose foresight. Forget about it altogether and you’ll lose the specialness that attracted loyal followers in the first place.

For a while, Opel in South Africa has dwindled behind the competition. Which was sad since the brand was so favoured by local buyers; but decisions to streamline the model line-up diluted its appeal.

Now the automaker is on a mission to redeem itself not just here, but globally. This is what we heard at their four-model product launch in the Eastern Cape on Wednesday.

Opel’s marketing folks talked about rekindling the glory days; where the mention of Opel sparked excitement, thanks to local icons like the Superboss and GSI-badged thrillers.

Marking the revival is the return of the Opel Astra sedan derivative, which went away quietly in 2002. And we also heard that an OPC version would be looked into.

Then there’s the arrival of the Corsa OPC Nurburgring Edition, only a handful will be available for purchase in South Africa and most of them already have buyers. It’s more expensive than the standard Corsa OPC but comes with more power, more kit and of course exclusivity.

It wasn’t intended as a high volume seller, but rather according to Opel, something that would cast a bright glow on the rest of the range, joining halo models like the Astra OPC launched early this year.

Opel also launched a new turbocharged derivative of the five-door Corsa and reminded us of the existence of their Meriva MPV.

We spent time with all these models – most with the OPC and Astra sedan – so be sure to read our impressions on the Surf4cars website.

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