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Recently Chris and I were looking out for cool ways to get some sick branding done on some more everyday items so that when we were out and about we were flashing the iMod Digital brand around. We were looking to get some wicked stickers/covers done for our laptops that if we head out to work from anywhere we could be working and promoting the brand at the same time.

We came across a wicked company called Wrappz that seems to do everything! They make custom phone cases, covers, laptop sleeves etc. Literally this place seems to cover everything.

I found this on the site: is a SA company providing custom designed covers, skins, cases, stickers and other accessories to protect, cover and personalise your gadgets. Custom skins include bespoke designs for mobile phones, iPads, iPods, iPod Touch, Laptops, Kindles and all Tablets, PSPs, DS, Xbox etc. Other Mobile Phone accessories include iPhone skins and cases, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Google skins, LG and Motorola skins.


I think it is so awesome that you can go and design your own covers etc. Now all we need to do is decide on our design and get cracking! Their prices actually seem pretty reasonable compared to other places that we had a look at.

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