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So this ended up being rolled into two months because I actually enjoyed this challenge.

During Feb my challenge was to not drink. Nothing – not a drop of booze at all. I thought this was going to be tough to be honest because I like a nice cold beer here and there and I enjoy unwinding with mates with some drinks.

Anyway, Feb zoomed by and I almost didn’t notice it. It wen’t by so smoothly that I actually decided to do it for the March as well. So far I have only had one blip during the 6 weeks, but I think you are allowed an exception to your self made¬†exile¬†when your best mate is graduating. Great, thanks for agreeing with me.

March will carry on and I am sure it will carry on smoothly. So far I am 4.5kgs down this year and feeling good and I think the no booze has helped add a little bit of focus to things.

I need a challenge for April though? Any thoughts?

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