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I was by no means a fan at all before last night. I went there excited to see The Darkness with the added benefit of getting to see a great performance. I barely knew any songs never mind any of the lyrics, but holy balls, that show last night was mind blowing, and I honestly don’t think I will get to see a better all round performance ever again.


It was incredible. I have never witnessed such an amazing overall performance. It wasn’t a concert, it was a full theatrical performance with dancing, singing and some truly awesome entertaining.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew it would be in your face and very big, and it certainly was. I am still lost for words actually.

Singing – 9/10 – She did a lot more singing than I thought she would, and when she did she hit most of the notes. I was very impressed with this and the fact that she actually played the guitar and piano a bit. She is actually very muscially talented much to my surprise.

Dancing – 10/10 – There were dance moves for every song, with a stage full of dancers always perfectly in time and just beautifully composed. She could join in time at any point of any song and be perfectly in time. It was quite incredible to be honest and all while singing the majority of the song.

Crowd Engagement – 10/10 – She had two instances when she pulled up fans from the crowd and jammed with them. No security surrounding her or anything of the sort. Fans touching her, hugging, kissing, singing along and just being aloud to embrace their incredible fortune with a world pop-star, all while she looked like she was casually singing with a couple of mates at home. Not only that, but she was a truly genuine person who was honestly

Set – 10/10 – Somehow they managed to create a massive castle that mechanically split open. I don’t think any other stage performance in the world has a set that impressive. The props were also incredible from her riding in on a horse, being born out of a vagina, hatching out of an egg to riding a motorcylce that turned into a piano. Mind blown.

Sound – 8/10 – For Linkin Park the sound was quite honestly average. The sound last night though wasn’t crystal clear, but it was considerably better than LP most likely due to there being no wind and that we were sitting this time. It was pretty good though considering the venue so hats off to the sound engineers on this one.

Overall – 11/10 – Genuinely incredible. She mentioned that she would come back, who knows if it is true or not, but if she does, I highly recommend you go even if you aren’t a fan. I would easily pay R615 for a performance like that again.

Try top that Justin Bieber. lol

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