Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Cape Town | 6 comments

Woah! Hold your horses. So 5FM was going crazy this morning with news that Justin Bieber is coming to Cape Town/South Africa in 2013.

I would like to pop all you over-excited teenage girls bubbles with the news that his tour IS NOT confirmed yet. Some twat over at Big Concerts made some comment that it COULD be possible for him to come and perform two shows in 2013. Nothing is confirmed but yet everyone is running around like crazy children at the thought of this!

Calm the frikkedel down! No I have no clue if I spelled that correctly but I am in a fight of rage and far too busy plotting of menacing ways to ruin the Cape Town concert if he does perform here.

“And I was like baby, bab”… Stab, stab, stab!

Why don’t you rather listen to some local is lekker music like Dirk Van Der Westhuizen

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