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Tonight is Linkin Park in Cape Town and holy flipping flip am I excited! I have supported them right from the start and turns out I have all their albums.

I found this post today which seems a very likely setlist. It isn’t official so could very well be wrong, but it seems this guy has gone and done his homework so who knows.

  1. Faint
  2. Papercut
  3. Given Up
  4. With You
  5. Somewhere I Belong
  6. In My Remains
  7. New Divide
  8. Victimized (w/ QWERTY bridge)
  9. Points of Authority
  10. Lies Greed Misery
  11. Waiting for the End (Until It Breaks intro)
  12. Breaking the Habit
  13. Leave Out All the Rest / Shadow of the Day / Iridescent
  14. The Catalyst
  15. Lost in the Echo
  16. Numb (w/ Numb/Encore bridge)
  17. What I’ve Done
  18. One Step Closer
  19. Burn It Down
  20. In the End
  21. Bleed It Out
Holy crab cakes I am excited!

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