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A while back (holy crap, over a year ago) Omo launched their liquid washing detergent. The marketing that has been attached to such a traditionally boring product has been nothing short of sintilating and brook-pooping exciting.

Now, being 21 I have absolutely no interest in washing machines or anything of that kak. Clothes go in, get washed, come out clean finito. But somehow this campaign has got me interested and I would border on saying washing detergent brand loyal. Cha bru, I am getting involved in that domesticated shit.

How is that for building on the success of their TV advert that enjoyed so much success. We have an office meme to “just one small cap is enough”. Everyone gets it and loves it and it has just stuck around. Now with the introduction of some brilliant remixes, that fire is igniting all over again to raucous rapture.

Ooooooh eh eh! Just one small awesome advertising campaign is NOT enough!

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