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Been a few weeks since I posted a Song Of The Week but here we go!

I heard this track a couple weeks ago and really liked it, but over the past two weeks I have heard it cropping up on the radio some more.

A friend is a massive Isochronus fan and has been raving about them for a while but I have never gone and checked them out. I managed to stalk this song down today and I am really glad I did. Some awesome tracks from them!

Someone please explain to me what the band is actually called. On the radio they called them Iso, on the SoundCloud page says the same but I have always heard of them as called Isochronus. Did they shorten it or something?

Anyway, I initially thought it was Owl City who sang this it was of that quality but I was wrong! Awesome to see some local Cape Town guys (I think) getting some good playtime.

How awesome is that!?

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