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Skype has been one of those technologies that for me seems to have been around for ages. Not much seems to have changed but it has been one of those ever present programs that every time I re-install Windows (which seems to be faaar too often).

It seems they are finally starting to embrace the mobile scene. Facebook so far hasn’t been up to scratch with their mobile products due to the size of their audience and the speed at which they needed to adapt, but skype on the other hand is moving into an area that I finally think it belongs.

They have the uber big brand image behind it and now that it is backed by Microsoft, they have the resources to become one of, if not the biggest mobile communication tool.


It is quite a wicked video as well and definitely targets the younger generation that seem to do everything on their mobile. Perfect ad for the perfect target market, and just for good measure, why not throw in a mention of one of the biggest pop artists in the world right now, Lady Gaga.

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