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One story that has stuck with me since Chris told me about a year ago is the story of an artist.

It went along the lines of a lady sought an artist to create a sculpture that she wanted. The artist agreed and told the lady it would cost her R100 000. The lady knew that he was the best and that he would be worth it. When the sculpture was done, the lady was amazed at the quality of the piece and how spectacular it looked. She said, “but this must have taken you days!”. The man looked back at her and told her that it actually only took him two hours. The women was furious and couldn’t understand how he could charge so much for only two hours of work. The man simply replied, “It only took me two hours to make this individual piece, but over 10 000 to learn my trade and acquire the skills I have today”.

Today I realized that this story is true for me as well. Not quite to that extreme, but I have been playing online for a number of years. In fact, I started messing around with websites when I was around 12 or so. I started this very blog when I was 17, and with it being 3.5 years old, it has started to bring in some decent traffic.

I realized today that I make around R1000 pm online from my little side projects like my blog and my infographic submission site amongst other projects. None really take up much time, but it through the course of a number of years of practice and learning that I have got to this point. Don’t think that anyone gets anything quickly or easily. Hard work normally lies at the foot of success.

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