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I don’t know how I got myself in this position, but somehow I did and after getting over the initial shock I am actually looking quite forward to it. That is if it goes ahead…

That is where you, the good people of Steri Nation come in. You see we need to add a bit of peer pressure if you like onto Steri Stumpie. First of all let me explain what the #SteriChallenge is.

steri-stumpie-1-litreGeoffrey and myself got a bit more arrogant than we should have and our keyboards took control and next thing I knew, it was a battle of who could down the most Steri-Stumpie. 1 litre to be exact. 1 Litre of milk – holy cow.

Anyway, after I had thrown myself into that corner and Geoff had stupidly followed me into it, Mr Big Mouth Mills pipped up to Steri Stumpie and got them involved in our moment of stupidity. Now there really was no turning back. We had committed and had to do this. This was right before I went away for 3 weeks so things cooled off, but now that I am back in action, I want to gauge if filming my humiliation would be for sufficient cause.

So, please tweet, share, comment, spam, what ever it is that you weird people who enjoy others humiliation do, just get the word out there and let’s get Steri Stumpie to back this challenge

and throw in some goodies for Geoff and myself, but more importantly, to also back a charity of some kind.

Who wants to see me try down 1 litre of milk, cotch, and make a charity very happy at the same time? Come on you know you wanna! Spam them @Steri_Stumpie and their Facebook page.

Geoff, game on…

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