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Clicks For Bricks & How it all began
So last year I blogged about the awesome campaign that they are running over at and so I get sent this little informative spiel about how things got started and what they have in store for us this year. Take a look and get those clicks going peeps!
In May 2011, embarked on the Clicks for Bricks Challenge. The goal was to involve our Facebook community in building a house for a family in need and raising awareness for Habitat for Humanity and the housing shortage in South Africa. By teaming up with Habitat for Humanity, pledged to donate R5 towards the building of a home for a family in need for every “Like” on the Facebook page. The fans were kept up to date with the Challenge’s progress through a fun and interactive application on the page illustrating the stages of a house being built.

In September 2011, with the help of 18 200 Facebook fans, had raised R91 000 – the cost of building a home. The next step was recruiting colleagues and fans to join the team in Mfuleni to build the real house and 5 days later, the key was handed over to a very deserving new homeowner, Zodwa Regina (meet Zodwa here:

What’s happening in 2012?
“Click to add your brick”

This year, the Challenge is being run on two platforms:’s Facebook page and a microsite ( built specifically for this campaign. With a goal of reaching 20 000 clicks, every “Like” of’s Facebook page, “Recommending” of it on your Facebook wall or “Sending” of the message to a friend on Facebook, will contribute to reaching the target. Once the goal of 20 000 clicks is reached, the house will be built. This year, we wanted to focus on sharing Habitat for Humanity’s message and showing our support for the work that they do.

In addition to adding clicks with “Likes”, “Recommendations” and “Sends”, if fans would like to contribute in other ways, there are options to donate directly to Habitat for Humanity, sign up to become a part of the building team or tweet their actions with the hashtag #clicksforbricks, thereby extending the campaign onto Twitter. For every new follower of @Property24 and every tweet using #clicksforbricks, we’ll donate paint. With just 5000 new followers and tweets combined, sufficient supplies will be donated to paint the whole house.

Together with’s creative agency, Now Boarding (, Clicks for Bricks is using cutting-edge technology for the microsite called Parallaxing. constantly strives to innovate and we are proud to bring the South African property industry new and dynamic technology for this Challenge.

This year’s message is: “When you click, we donate a brick. Every click brings us closer to our goal to build a home for a family in need.”

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