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Tonight I bring you a blog post slightly different from the norm. I haven’t blogged a free thought in quite some time but I wanted to open up the debate again that has done the rounds for years already, and that is the discussion about freedom of speech while using social media.

I have been online since before I was 10, so I have over 10 years’ experience in chatting online and watching loads of people say things before they have thought it through and for that statement of stupidity/prejudice/whatever be stuck in the realms of the internet for ever more.

Tonight I came across a particularly stupid statement on Facebook with regards to politics. No it was not racist or anything of the like, but it was meant to be provocative and outlandish, only for a clear lack of thought of what was actually mean to be said to ruin the entire show. I won’t name any names or point fingers at anything like a lack of education or intelligence, but rather just look at the simple fact that they didn’t step back for 10 seconds to read what they were about to post and think about it before sitting the submit button.

Seriously, with the level of openness that the internet brings these days, it is vital that you take a step back and think before speaking. I think a lot of teenagers especially don’t do this and this is one simple action that you should take through life that can save a lot of grief and trouble from being born.

Think before you use the openness of Facebook to splurge to your “massive” audience. Freedom of speech is a right but it comes with a big responsibility to your fellow human being.


What are your opinions on this? I want to hear your feedback! Are there certain channels that you won’t say something on but others were you might have a full rant?


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