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blekko-man-logoI just received an email from Blekko telling me about a major upgrade they have performed. Now you might think that they are a small search engine without much traction, but you will be surprised as to just how valuable they are for a SEO.

They provide a range of sexy SEO tools that make life that much easier for you. Below are the top five changes that they have made:

  • Continuous updating of our crawl and index
  • Hourly updates for top ranked sites
  • Continuous updating of SEO data, including page content, metadata, and duplicate text
  • Continuous updating of inbound link counts
  • Over 4 billion page index, and over 100 million pages updated daily

The continuous updating of the index is massive as that is one thing that SEOMoz struggles with and this will help provide more real time and accurate data. 4 billion pages, now that isn’t shabby.

They also ask you till fill in a very short survey just to help get a better gauge on those who use their SEO Tools.

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